Bruno was born at the same time as the spring, on March 20, 1963 to Vernon.


From the age of 7 years, it(he) practises the JUDO.

Next to the Sporting club or his(her) relatives(parents) had registered him(it), repeated a group of accordionists which the summer settled down on the terrace of the centre next to the sporting room.

The virus of the accordion gains(wins) him(it), Bruno found this magnificent music, and attracted(enticed) it so much that in agreement with his father he changed room having exchanged his kimono for an accordion.

In 1975, Bruno off-loads with his(her) family to Pressagny the Arrogant. His(her) relatives(parents) register him(it) to the music school " La Vernonnaise "   steered by the father of the famous accordionist Maurice LARCANGE.

It(he) frequents Pressagny's municipal school. This year M.G. VALAT, director of the school and Mrs NIAY schoolteacher, organized late in the year school, a charming spectacle which preceded the prize-giving.

In this occasion, Bruno and his brother Pascal, also accordionist, occurred on scene and already let suspect a promising future in the world of the accordion.

PRESSAGNY the ARROGANT will not forget the animation of the employers' holidays(name-days) organized by the events committee and also the evenings of Saturday when the voluntary participation of the brothers DESMET  made(did) the happiness of the dancers.

In 1975, our former(ancient) during their annual journey organized by the events committee had thought of taking in their luggage the brothers DESMET and their piano to braces to create a friendly atmosphere in the bus which led(drove) the group in excursion .

In 1978, Bruno steers a dance band consisted of his(her) two brothers (Pascal and Didier) and his(her) sister Sylvie (a singer). All the family organized balls Saturdays evenings in various nearby village halls. The relative(parent) DESMET served as driver(chauffeur) to accompany their shoots on the scene with their services(performances).

Afterward it(he) frequents the Music school of PONTOISE and then that of PARIS steered by JOE ROSSI and it up to the age of 18 years.

In June, 1983, during the employers' holiday of PRESSAGNY THE ARROGANT, the events committee had organized a spectacle where occurred notably BRUNO under the attentive eye of Railcar DAX and his(her) pianist Michel FRANTZ who was the speedboats(stars) of this organized spectacle outdoors and in the presence of a public numerous.

Michel TOURET, presenter(driving force) on France Inter had had the idea to throw(launch) " THE PRINCES OF THE ACCORDION " ; Bruno joins in PONTOISE to participate in the eliminating heats of ISLAND of France, eight regions were in competition. Our accordionist picks up(takes down) his(her) note(ticket) to participate in the big final which took place in the PAVILION BALTARD to NOGENT/S/MARNE, in the presence of the 7 other regional finalists.

This participation allowed him(her) to pick up(take down) contracts, recording disc, interventions on the chains(channels) of radio mainly FRANCE-INTER.

It(he) failed of few to pick up(take down) the title.

Our musician does not loose courage and recovers in the work on the profession by participating one year old later in the Eliminating heats of BELFORT. He gains(wins) the test in front of his EASTER brother ( a real LION).

This result gives them the right to contribute(compete) again to the big final of the PRINCE of THE ACCORDION to NOGENT S/MARNE. It was in June, 1983. In this occasion the relative(parent) DESMET had rented(praised) a bus to go to encourage BRUNO on the edges of the MARNE. We were some Pressecagniens to accompany him(it) to go to encourage him(it).

It(he) ended in the middle of the picture(table). After the services(performances) of the eight candidates we had the right to an official reception of accordion where occurred Yvette HORNER, Marcelle AZZOLA, Bruno LORENZONI etc.

This finale which took place in front of a warned public contributed certainly to the starting up of its professional life and to open him(her) the doors of the SHOWBIZ.

Indeed, toward the end on 1989, Bruno picks up(takes down) a contract in a Parisian cabaret situated in the former(old) halls, where he occurred with a singer of JONATHAN KERR's name, this last one had invited to this spectacle of the producers T.V. And among them was EASTER SEVRAN. It was the click for its new career, BRUNO and JONATHAN picks up(takes down) a TV in the famous broadcast(emission,issue) " The luck(chance) in SONGS " of which P. SEVRAN produced. A short time later this one asks Bruno to accompany singers and singers who participate in the broadcast(emission,issue). P. SEVRAN  has just parted from his(her) conductor and it is like that that BRUNO met himself in the commands(orders) of the new forming(training) which animates(stimulates) the famous daily broadcast(emission,issue). It was the departure of a long complicity and a beautiful adventure that should last about 17 years and which ended temporarily on December 22, 2000.

Bruno DESMET owes the blooming of his(her) career in P. SEVRAN who gave him(her) in 1985 ZINZIN's pen name. Bruno possesses of moral big qualities and enough talent to adapt itself to all the situations.

It(he) accompanies the biggest in the accordion and in the synthesizer.

P. SEVRAN assured recently  " ZINZIN "  that the Broadcast(emission,issue) will be reborn soon or on the 2 or, on the 1 or the 3. From when ? Any autan of questions which remain to clarify, but by waiting for the  "fans"  of the broadcast(emission,issue) piaffent of impatience, to find songs which rocked for the greater part their youth.

If you meet  " ZINZIN "  in the vernonaise or same conglomeration to PRESSAGNY, please , do not hesitate to have a dialogue, it will not be missing to tell you some anecdotes on its professional life.

In the last news, our accordionist has just acquired a ground to make build to live in family with his(her) wife and singer ALEXANDRA and his(her) CLEMENT son. Where ? On the other side of the Seine practically in front of PRESSAGNY THE ARROGANT.