Actress of movies and theater that lived to Pressagny The proud between the two wars .

Friend of cœur of Gaston Gallimard, publisher, she/it had gotten settled toward 1912 to some step of him, in the house that faced the bakery, to the present n°30 of the road of the Andelyses.

Been born August 5, 1892 in Paris, of French origin father but been born to Odessa, in Russia, and of Russian mother, been born to holy Péterbourg.

One said his/her/its father: «it is an engineer Russian poet.

His/her/its great-grandfather had escaped France by fidelity to the duke of Richelieu during the revolutionary period.

The young Valentine followed with difficulties his/her/its primary courses.

She/it told herself/itself bad pupil, she/it had the impression to waste his/her/its time to the school, except when a punishment obliged him to learn fables of the fountain.

Die the age of 10 years, she/it had his/her/its class friends sobbed, even his/her/its schoolmistress had the wet eyes of tear when it recited poems of François Coppée.

She/it got his/her/its Primary study Certificate with difficulty to the local school of Montrouge, then devin cousette in a shop of sewing.

To sixteen years, then what delighted his/her/its friends of work with alexandrines, she/it is noticed by Paul MOUNET of the French Comedy, that initiates it to the theater.

During these courses, said Valentine, Paul MOUNET persisted in itself to make work me of the biting and violent roles.

I wondered to see quartered me in the as hard characters, that didn't seem to suit me.

He/it provides me the explanation one day of it: You tell me you him while kneading me the shoulder of his/her/its grasp to plug, you are a blond who has brunette's temperament.

The big dream of Valentine was to enter to the Conservatory that would drive it to the French comedy.

To five retaking she/it was refused to the contest of entrance.

To live, she/it was obliged to make tours in province with the comic GALIPAUX.

In short she/it meets Jacques COPEAU that pushes it in stage on boards of the Old Dovecot.

During the war of 1914-1918, he/it exiles him to the United States, kills it to work. The rhythm was infernal, it sighs, a new spectacle every fifteen day the first season, every eight day the second, without relaxation! I played everything.

In 1920, the return of the Old dovecot in Paris is triumphal.

Valentine remembers the confession whispered by CHIP to his/her/its topic: I believe that I never have anything listened to the theater that made me as much pleasure.

In 1924 with Louis JOUVET, to the Comedy of the Field Elysée, she/it creates characters of the first pieces of Jean GIRAUDOUX.

The most beautiful memory that Valentine liked to recall was located in 1929. The following day of the first d ' Amphitrion 38 of Jean GIRAUDOUX or she/it played with Louis JOUVET and Pierre RENOIR, she/it had received a great deal of maps of admirations. Among this congratulation, a long letter ended by a demand in marriage.

He/it was about a potache of the Louis high school the big, aged of 18 years, that named himself Georges Pompidou !

His/her/its missive ended thus. I ask for you your main…pour to incline of it to me respectfully and to skim him of my lips.

Valentine TESSIER had a see unique, a fascinating presence. Real theater beast of the the biggest actress race. She/it played ladies of the world and people distinguished mainly.

André GIDE said her: It is a beautiful velvety fruit.

Colette wrote him. Valentine, you are feet to the head a grain of muscat cordial and golden. He/it lingers me to review this very living muzzle that is only yours.

She/it had also nicknamed her: The perfect, the luscious, the all woman.

The theatrical critique of years 30 is unanimous. Michel holy Dennis explains why she embodies the femininity so well . His/her/its radiance on stage, she/it must it to his/her/its same life that was always ardent. Valentine is the people, some Russian blood flows in his/her/its veins, mingled to the French blood, but is probably this of the people that it also holds his/her/its good sense, his/her/its humility and his/her/its patience, his/her/its brightness that the leaves ever. All as she/it is simple said GIRAUDOUX .

But the movies?

To eyes of Valentine, he/it represents the poor parent.

Yet, after having played, Mrs. BOVARY of RENOIR , she/it declares: I tried to make the heroine whom I embody, a woman very other woman meadows and nevertheless capable of all gaps. I believe that Flaubert won't have been betrayed.

It is during years 20 and 30 that pressécagnienses had the leisure of Valentine meeting in all simplicity and to admire amenities of his/her/its house.

The bow of circle decorated with moldings that frames the door of entrance and the bathroom that made the admiration of his/her/its guests

All was there green, walls, sanitary and lightings. To the time it was a very daring decor.

The film-maker Jean RENOIR with which she/it had worked, Mrs. BOVARY often came to see it in his/her/its house of pressagny.

During the war of 1939-1945, whereas she/it had taken refuge in England, a German officer wanting to requisition a house goes into ecstasies before the famous bathroom.

Valentine TESSIER had an ALICE girl, according to the civil state, she named herself/itself Alessa FELSEMBERG .

She/it had been born in England in 1917

To the opposite, of his/her/its mother, she/it was squared and carried the hair runs.

The marriage d ' ALICE took place to Pressagny the proud. Did she/it marry Jacques GOLDWASSER? Studying in medicine, July 8, 1939 at eleven o'clock in the morning. To the time, the town hall was facing the church in the house that makes the angle of the streets Robert Connan and the enclosed of the Aître. One of the witness of the marriage named himself Paul CEZANNE ! This was not the famous painter, that had died since 33 years, but maybe his/her/its family's member, that was Parisian and without profession.

The mayor, Léon GUINEL believed that the bride was Valentine and addressing itself/themselves to her: Want to take you for spouse…. Before the surprise of the aid that counted Jean MARAIS and Jean COCTEAU , he/it understood his/her/its mistake and whispered to the ear of Valentine: Excuse me Mrs., one could be mistaken of it, then himself rotating toward the true bride, he/it added: I wish you to become an as famous actress that your mother.

But Alice didn't become actress. Hired in 1944 in the American army like brancardier, then driver of truck, she/it became lieutenant, participated with courage to the liberation of France and Germany of the Nazi yoke. The following of his/her/its life was well sad. The Bacchus god had bewitched her. She/it often came to pressagny, villagers found it kind, she/it recovered of it some friends to share a good bottle and of cigarettes. She/it divorced February 11, 1950 and died in a room of good or she/it lived alone in 1964.

Seven years more, late, after twelve years of absence to the Valentine spectacle put back himself to the work. Jean-Claude BRIALY offered him the main role of his/her/its EGLANTINE movie , the one of a mischievous grandmother , full of enthusiasm , that splices himself better with his/her/its grandson of twelve years that with his/her/its family's remainder .

To restart a career to 79 years that is great, she/it explained, especially that uses of vielles ladies don't run streets, one prefers them crooks. Jean-Claude BRIALY only had to rent itself/themselves of his/her/its discovery his/her/its presence is miraculous was delighted him .

Then she/it left his/her/its apartment of the Saint-James street to Neuilly on dragnet to retire to LIGUGE meadows of Poitiers. Finally, the last years of his/her/its life happened on the Cote Of azure to the CANNET in the Maritime Alps.

Some months before his/her/its death, of passage to bets, she/it confided to the painter Christian FREYBURGER :

I was never afraid of the death, life is only a passage. All young, I had the idea to make build a vault in the cemetery of Pressagny The proud. It is in this beautiful Norman country that I was fully happy with the man whom I adored, the publisher Gaston GALLIMARD . It is in this village that him my offered my first house, it is therefore in this village, to some meters of him that I want to always sleep.

After a falls that had broken him the basin, she/it dies August 11, 1981 to 89 years, to the Hospital of thalassothérapie of VALLAURIS.

She/it was Commander of the legion of honor of Arts and Letters.

The concession in the cemetery of pressagny has been acquired February 27, 1929.

With Valentine rest:

Olga TESSIER, been born VON BORNHAUSER - 1854-1940.

Alfred TESSIER –1889-1944.

Charlotte TESSIER, been born PAVALLON-1895-1976

Alice TESSIER –1917-1964

It is on the right the second tomb while entering by the main door.