Pressagny is mentioned in a charter in the days of THIERRY III (662-691), under the name of
PRISCINIACUS (name of a man) ,et also in a charter of Charles-the-bald in
favor of Saint-Ouen of Rouen(876).

Of after Dom All Saints' Day Duplessis,en 1740, The Pouillé of Rigaud studies gives to this place
the name of Pressi and to the neighboring cure of Our Lady of the Isle, the one of Pressigni .En,
Latin, Pressi is the ice-cream confection of verb premo that has the same significance that our
verb to press to either tighten...
Of after Leprevost, historian of The Eure, this name would have been given has our locality to distinguish it of Pressagny the isle. Proud would come of the neighborhood of Portus Orgul or Orguletum that, after the loss of the first syllable, would have become Bottleneck, name that carries the neighboring castle of the Bottleneck.
First known mention in 1450.

Of after Dom All Saints' Day Duplessis: In Celtic language, I don't know so Org would not mean
not mountain, eminence, height.
To the consideration of the Euil syllable or Eye, he/it decorated that she/it is as common at Celt and
that the Latin formed their termination of it in Olus or in Ulus, to express one,
superlative, either in kid, either in big: -dull-\>masculus-parvus -\> parvolus or
parvulus-more-\>plusculus, plusculum, etc.

From this text, we can suppose that Org would mean height and small Eye.
He/it is true that our village is built on a small height with regard to the Seine and to the neighboring villages.
Remy Lebrun