( Marie (Myriam) of Magdala, Marie de Béthanie, Myriam de Béthanie)

Saint Adjutor sending its(his) prayer to this saint, it(he) made(did) wish that if by its(his) help(assistant) it(he) gained a victory, to give its(his) house of the Mountain and its(his) dependences in monk of Tyron-au-Perche, and that it(he) would make(do) in its(his) honor near the aforementioned house a chapel that it(he)

Renterais of the possessions dices that it(he) would be back in the country.


Marie - Madeleine is an imperceptible person. It is from scattered testimony and sometimes contradictory, concerning several women, that the pope Grégoire the big Established(constituted), in the VI-th century, the unique(only) person very represented in painting and in sculpture.


Magdala formerly Taricheae whose Greek name results from the verb  "to protect" , it was the melodious name of a town of Holy earth(ground) at the edge of the lake of Galilee, of which there are only ruins, valley which goes down(falls) from Nazareth passes by Magdala to lead(drive) to Shambles, Jesus to market in these places.

Lazare son(thread) of Théophile, Syrian, lived in Béthanie close to Jerusalem, his family were very rich, and possessed of numerous ground in and around Jerusalem. He lived with his two sisters, Marthe and Marie, (one called him(it) " of Magdala " because is there which lived one time).

Many likened her(it) to Marie de Béthanie even to the  "sinner"  who perfumed feet of Jesus.

Let us return to Marie de Magdala.

Seriously sick, reached(affected) by the leprosy knowing that Jesus had settled down at the fisherman's of Shambles Simon son(thread) of Jona, she(it) penetrated in full meal to him, threw(cast) itself at feet of Jesus and the couvrants of kisses of tears of flavors wiping(suffering) them with her hair, she admits him(her) her fished.

Jesus raised the hand and cures it, he hunted(chased away) of her(it) seven devils and says to him(her): " Go to peace, because your sins are forgiven you! " . The figure seven shows the importance of the evil from which Jesus freed(delivered) her(it). If this figure reminds you of the seven major sins, why not ?

What of amazing in what she(it) dedicated an immense gratitude(recognition) to Jesus and what itself then she(it) put in her(its) continuation(suite), what she became a follower. She(it) in agreed the word of the Lord : " the one that listens to my word and that keeps(guards) her(it) is for me a mother, a sister. It felt too of the family of Jesus.

After an epic of several months when it(he) preaches the safety by the detachment towards God, one Friday at the request of the Jews and on order of the Roman, Jesus is nailed on a cross, women and men(people) attend the agony. Marie is there, her(it) in summer a faithful friend up to the cross, her in been a part of those that risked the death to accompany him(it) up to the end. Marie de Magdala is a witness, she contemplates the one that the sin pierced, his as that of the humanity.

Just before the beginning of the Sabbath on Fridays evenings, Jesus went down(fell) from the cross and put in the grave, a stony block of which closes the access.

I imagine Marie's words !

At the dawn of Sunday, I took spices and I hurried in the grave. I wondered which(who) was going to remove the stone for us. There low I found the removed stone! I cried then a lot and I believed that they had taken the body of the rescuer. But I was surprised by the Lord himself who was resuscitated of the deaths and who said : " woman why you cry " and he called me in his beloved voice(vote):  "Marie" . The enjoyment invaded my heart and I ran(roamed) on the road to warn the followers that the Lord was resuscitated. I Marie de Magdala, I was the first to listen see her(it) of the son of Gods after the resurrection.

A tradition remained very alive since the beginning of the Christian era tells us this history which follows ?

Close relations of the figure of Christ sound piled up by force in a boat without veils(sails) nor oars push in the wide. The boat crosses only the méditerranée and comes to run aground in the mouth of the Rhone to Aigues-Mortes (Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. It is likely that they came in France (with objects having belonged to the Rescuer, for example the chalice, quite simple, which was of use to the last meal of the Christ and of which the legend (Graal) appeared mysteriously, not much later the discovery of Marie - Madeleine's grave.

The followers scatter, Maximin evangelizes Aix, whose first bishop he becomes, " he would have been buried there or is now saint Maximin's village  ".

Marie - Madeleine withdraws for a life of consideration and punishment in a cave of the Saint - balm. Marie - Madeleine was buried to Saint Maximin in the Var, (it is maybe false but recognized by the church), she is buried in the same place as Maximin.

Lost sight during the long centuries of confusions which characterize the end of the empire Roman and the Middle Age, the graves of the Saints sound found in the XIII-th century. That of Marie - Madeleine is discovered(found) in 1279 by the nephew of king Saint Louis : Charles II d' Anjou, who declares that it is the Saint herself who he it in indicated the place!

In support of the pope Boniface VII, it(he) made build a basilica and a convent on the grave of the saint. The construction site begun in 1295, lasted three centuries and lives to bloom, the biggest Gothic building of Provence.       The crypt contains the sarcophaguses of holy Marie Madeleine, saint Maximin, saint Marcelle, saint Suzanne, and saint Sidoine. Some relics were transferred to Vézelay. The cult was born in West by the middle of the XI-th century, when the Benedictines of Vézelay ( Yonne ) announced that the body, come from Provence, had arrived home. It was soon the rush of the pilgrims, the finances of the abbey went back up(raised) and the monks raised(brought up) to their new boss the beautiful church which one knows, the basilica Madeleine de Vézelay.

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It is interesting to note that in the Dordogne, is a site prehistoric, called the caves of Madeleine (close to Eyzies) the local history says that Marie - Madeleine would have stayed in these caves.


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