" Goodbye my dear Madeleine

Which(who) reflect you in waters.

Goodbye my fresh(cool) Madeleine!

Madeleine goodbye for ever.

I leave, it is necessary him(it), and I give in,

But the heart bleeds me by leaving

That one richer which(who) possesses you,

Be happy or we were him(her) so much! ".

Tearful poem, verse of a big sadness, ever sent to a soft friend, a fiancée? No... In a bourgeois building that the writer Casimir Delavigne, the academician, the author of plays and epic poems, (Messéniennes, Princess Aurélie, Louis Xl, The Children of Edouard, The Sicilian Vespers etc.....) dût resell on August 9, 1839. { Casimir Delavigne }

Unless 100 km on the West of Paris, in some minutes of Giverny , (of the famous Museum CLAUDE MONET) on a woody hill dominating the Seine, road of the Andelys, the " Castle of Madeleine " near Vernon is situated on the territory of Pressagny's village the Arrogant .

The history:

-          Been born at about the year 1069, Adjutor , grandson of Richard 1Er Lord of Vernon, left for the first crusade in 1095. Having fought(disputed) during 17 years, it(he) is arrested. During its(his) long captivity it(he) sends fervent prayers to Saint Marie - Madeleine and to Holy Bernard de Tiron. They will be fulfillled.

-          In 1129, during its(his) sleep, according to the legend, it(he) is supernaturally freed(delivered) and transported by the airs(sights) with the chains(channels) of its(his) captivity up to the site of the Mountain which belongs to him(her) and where raises itself(draws up itself) the shooting lodge on the right bank of the Seine downstream to Vernon. It(he) builds there a chapel which it(he) dedicates to Saint Marie Madeleine. He lives in a austere way on his domain. One attributes(awards) him(her) numerous supernatural cures which confer him(her) an aura of holiness.

-          Died on April 30, 1131, the holy man is buried in the chapel. Her mother, Rosamonde de Blaru takes the veil and withdraws to Madeleine. In her(its) death, she will be interred near her son.

-          To thank Saint Bernard, Adjutor had made(done) a will in favour of  Tiron's abbey in Sticks . It(he) bequeathed to the monks all its(his) possessions which included the quarter of the forest of Vernon. The monks keep(guard) the place of cult but by act of April 2, 1132 younger brother of Adjutor on condition nevertheless returns the forest to Matthieu de Vernon, that the monks of Madeleine can send their cattle to graze in the forest everywhere where they will want and that(what) every year, in the All Saints' Day one frees(delivers) them an acre of tall wood with 20 wooden ropes for their heater.

-          Adjutor is sanctified to have mastered an abyss on the river. The historian of Vernon, Edmond Meyer, explains us that in these places the bottom of the Seine was blocked by calcareous nipples due to sources. One called these half spheres of bumps in manon. These obstacles in the bed of the river provoked whirlwinds where boats sank. Adjutor would have made make works to plane the bed of the river what would have killed(abolished) the famous abyss. The legend says that it(he) had thrown(cast) it the chains(channels) of its(his) captivity and that supernaturally the abyss had disappeared.

-          The navigators did not forget him(it) and honor him(it) as boss of the skippers under the name of Saint Adjutor. As for bumps in manon, one finds their name in the locality " today Mouths Manon " close to Madeleine

-          Tiron's abbey in Stick, heir of Madeleine makes it raise(bring up) a prieuré. Monks of the order Benedictine occupy him(it), pray and maintain the domain.

-          In 13Ème Century, the One hundred years war does not save(spare) the prieuré which is completely destroyed(annulled). There is a chapel only a big wall towards(as for) the Seine.

-          In May 1404, an angel appears to Robin the Juggler, the former(ancient) wine grower of Pressagny to order him(her) to reconstruct the chapel.

-          On July 22, 1406, the work is realized, the archbishop of Rouen, Guillaume of Vienna dedicates it two altars, I' one to Saint Adjutor, the other one to Saint Madeleine.

-          In 1480 Jacques du Moutier is the prior, then successively on 1482, Raoulet de Larbant , 1484 Jacques de Larbant , 1491 Alexandre de la Barge , 1494 François de Meyssé , 1528 Jean de la Joule .

-          Pilgrims are welcomed, coming from central Europe, and those, more numerous coming from Switzerland(Swiss) restore the stained glasses of the chapel in 1637.

-          In 1665, François of Paris , Boss of the Chamber of the Accounts is prior commandataire.

-          In 1725 Etienne Perrier is an owner.

-          In 1752, it is Master Charles, Guillaume Morin du Marais Vernier canon of Paris in 1749 which(who) possesses in command(order) the prieuré of Madeleine. If one excepts the revolution, he remains 50 years a responsible for this good.

-          The Marquees de Bullion becomes an owner in 1786.

-          Seized by the revolutionaries, the prieuré becomes " Very national " , confided(entrusted) to the department of Eure. Ruined, abandoned then destroyed the sacred aura, it(he) disappears. The Administration finds buyer in 1797 in the person of Morin Dumarais who is other than Master Charles, Guillaume Morin du Marais Vernier who simplified his name. He dies in 1810.

From 1802 till 1810 the owners succeed one another. Louis Alexandre Dubois of Hautpoul's family then the general of Empire of Bremond . In the place of the prieuré, this last pupil a big bourgeois house.

Germain and Casimir Delavigne , acquire him(it) in 1824, thanks to the success of Messeniennes, but the financial difficulties and the disease force this last one to resell her(it) in 1839. It(he) will disappear in 1841 and Victor Hugo who has of to frequent " Madeleine " will pronounce the funeral(dismal) eulogy.

En1839, the owner is René Perier , defers cousin of Master Morin of the Swamp Vernier. It(he) appeals " of Perier ".

According to Mister Leclerc de Pulligny, (pseudo viscount, benefactor of Ecos's canton): " At about the year 1860, one would have found on the hillsides of the park of Madeleine two tombelles. In the one situated in the Valley of Bronze, not far from the road, one would have discovered(found), under an eminence, six bodies placed regularly, as the beams(shelves) of a wheel; bodies had feet rested(supported) in a flat stone in the centre; at feet of one of them was a vase of 10 cms containing an iron arrow of 5 cms; heads were pressed on stones ".

" In another grave, four heads placed also on flat stones from 5 to 6 cms formed the axis of the circumference and 4 bodies, beams(shelves) ".

" Near bodies was a vase in black earth(ground) containing ashes, one would have found also a fibule ".

In 1864, the widow of the Baron Thenard , the colleague of Gay-Lussac, the inventor of the hydrogen peroxide transforms her property. The newspaper " Le Vexin " of June 4, 1865 announced: " The new owner of Madeleine, Madam Thenard makes do big works in this house. The white house, plastered by Casimir Delavigne's plaster, receive towards(as for) the valley, attic windows and stony pediments and, towards(as for) the road of Andelys, the turret and the different ornaments. They will remove the a little bit flat dullness of the facade. One will restore then the chapel from which the small bell tower of slate distinguishes itself in the middle of the trees of the park ". We can add to this description a péristyle with columns with Corinthian capital(big top), attached to the building(ship) western side. We can as well clarify as the facade side the Seine is dressed in smooth columns with also Corinthian capital(big top), in sculptures and in mosaics, which give him(her) a false air(sight) the Renaissance. That an apartment house of stone and brick, a forged iron gate(portal) and outbuildings are added side routes Andelys, that a chalet pagoda with decoration of cut wood is built in the park and that finally, a magnificent parquet(public prosecutor's department) which looks like a marquetry is put in the big lounge(show). Skilfully placed mirrors send back(dismiss) the image of the redrawn park.

In 1880 Henri Jourdain is doubtless a tenant.

In 1899 or 1900, Octave Mirbeau would have drafted his manuscript: " The Newspaper of a Chambermaid " in the castle of Madeleine.

It is at the end of 1915, that Louise, small girl of Madam Thenard, resells the property.

Being acquired in 1916 by the structural engineer Gianotti , initiator and builder with Maginot of the famous line of defence of the same name. He adds in 1932 a wing to buildings(ships), Greek pediment in the main body. These works are accompanied with searches(excavations) to find the grave of the saint, founder of this site. They are going to last until 1933 and to update graves. While the local newspaper is delighted at the restoration of the small chapel, the sky falls on the head of the villagers when they learn that it is to transform her(it) there... Billiard room!

The site is classified in 1937.

At the liberation in 1944, buildings(ships) are damaged seriously, as well as the church of the village, destroyed(annulled) by the allied bombardments. The artésien well which supplied a sulphurous water is definitively out of order.

In 1946, the property is bought by Mister Lebrejal who installs(settles) there on grounds annex, a dairy, a cheese dairy as well as a porcherie. It(he) confides(entrusts) the restoration of the Chapel to Bernard Feray who goes back up(raises) walls and engraves(burns) in the identical of the eccentric, the epitaph in Latin over the front door. During the searches(excavations) it(he) discovers a skeleton. Would it be possible that it is about rests of the holy founder ? Regrettably ! The Museum of Natural History of Paris removes any hope of discovery of holy relics.

The firm dairy farming in 1960 and the family quits Lebrejal, reluctantly this domain where it had invested(surrounded) as financially as affectivement. Mister Lebrejal liked reminding that under the tower of brick situated in the point of Chesney, the water of the well artésien was of an exceptional quality. She(it) would have cured numerous patients of the region in the 19Ème Century.

In 1962 a Parisian company(society), The Group Drouot , the founder in power, buys " Madeleine ", but very fortunately the forest abandons successively all its projects of construction in the park and. Sir and Madam Ginestière live in the castle during several years.

The property is abandoned from 1975 till 1981, the nature resumes there its rights, buildings(ships) degrade, ruined, plundered, the spaces of this beautiful set(group)  return to the wild state.

Madam Cécillon makes(does) a land investment then she resells him(it) having made bring(shoot) down the consequentive trees of the park.

There, on 1981, the " Castle of Madeleine " is going to be saved from the ruin, while for the third time (One hundred years war, very national, and contemporary destruction) this site loaded with memory(report) was going to disappear, the Clermont family, has the blow of heart for this " Castle of the Beautiful in the Sleeping Wood ". She(it) acquires the domain and is going to take out him(it) of the neglect. Alternately, relatives(parents) and children like the resurrection of their property. The end of the century showed the results of their brave company.

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the French Revolution, Sir and Madam Clermont propose their park to the City Council to celebrate there with dignity this anniversary(birthday) . The Mayor, Jean-Marie Malafosse organizes successfully, in the evening of July 13, 1989, a nique spade with people who live in the village disguised as revolutionary suits. This evening there, goods(articles) of the first Statement(declaration) of the Man and the Citizen, are declaimed. The holiday ends by a magnificent fireworks and a "fire" of the castle followed by the traditional ball. The next year under projectors, in a short fresco, enamelled by songs, pamphlets and revolutionary poems the new actors call back(remind) to their fellow countrymen the big change. That brought us the new regime. Since, every year, the holiday is renewed with a different subject. She(it) collects pressécagniens, on the herb, with in backcloth, a building susceptible to make them arrogant.... If they were already not him(it)!


Jean-Marie Galataud and Rémy Lebrun.


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