Benefactors of Pressagny the proud.

For to inaugurate this new millennium, let's throw a retrospective look on the twentieth century in order to search for of it impetuses of generosity of our managed in favor of our collectivity.
The bequest is a way of will that takes effect to the death of the one or the one that bequeaths a good. One can compare it to an inheritance.
The grant is a free abandonment and volunteer of a good or an enjoyment in favor of others.
In the two cases, those that offered their possessions brought means that missed to the Township often to repair, to improve, to embellish our setting of life or to bring helps and rewards. They deserve that one doesn't forget them not. It is the goal of this research.

Les Bequest.

Madame Renaud.

Née Stéphanie Lion, she/it resided to the angle is the room of the town hall, to the 38 road of the Andelyses. Villagers went into ecstasies before the magnificent hydrangeas that she/it maintained under his/her/its porch.
Mrs. Renaud possessed a big fortune, she liked his/her/its village and cherished children whom she saw to take out the school.
She/it dies November 03, 1918 and bequeath by will a sum of two thousand francs to the Township (to the time, the local budget rose to 13 717 francs and a worker won 3 Frs. per day.). Every year interests of this sum must be given in price to the two pupils, boy and the most meritorious girl.
The Consultant Municipal decides with these incomes, to open a garnished savings bankbook of a sum of sixty francs for each of laureates.
Another sum of two thousand francs is bequeathed to the Office of aid for helps to poor wretches.
The Township decides to place these two bequests, either four thousand francs in loan of state to six for hundred and adjust a right of 360,50 franc registration.
What became the capital and interests?
For the biggest part they have been gnawed by the inflation. 4000 francs (that represented 2 to 3 years of salaried work! )sont become 40 new francs, either about 6 euroses!

Madame Broussillon.

Née Alexandrine, Amélie Delallée, she/it lived in the Alley Bourdet, the magnificent villa, baptized "La Pommeraie", perfectly kept with the rosary, the terrace dominating the Seine, the basin to goldfishes and the down below orchard then on the other hand, the common with stables, garages and lodging of the personnel.
When she/it dies November 21, 1921, Mrs. Broussillon bequeaths a sum of one thousand francs to the Township. His/her/its heirs decide to affect 100 francs in favor of sappers firemen and 900 francs for the installation and the upkeep of the electric lighting in the church.

Les Grants.

Monsieur Alexander of Seguin.
Named mayor of Pressagny the proud in 1820, owner of the,  castle of the village, he/it made a grant of 300 Frs. November 10, 1844 for the decoration of altars of the church in exchange of the authorization to make open a door, for to reach directly of his/her/its domain in the sanctuary. (To see deliberations of the Consultant Municipal in the history of Pressagny)
His/her/its Joseph sons, heir of the domain, after having sold his/her/its good in 1913, made him as a grant to the profit of the Township that in 1916 permits to make repairs on the church.

Madame Thénard.

Rich wife of the water inventor oxygenated and owner of the Castle of the Madeleine. January 9, 1874, she/it proposes to the Consultant Municipal to give up to the Township a piece of earth to make a cemetery of it. 
To the time tombs were dug on the present room of the church. The space was too tiny to welcome all defunct. There was emergency therefore to make the transfer of tombs toward a vast land.
Therefore Mrs. Thénard proposes to make an exchange with a portion of land local jouxtant his/her/its property, probably on the Chesney between the ditch and the pedestrian path that descends to the Seine.
If he/it had only been about an exchange, he/it would not be question of grant but Mrs. Thénard offers the construction of the surrounding wall wall in stone, the installation of a grid in iron on the side of the road and the raising of a cross to the center.
He/it seems that the population of the village, attached sentimentally to the old cemetery balked to this project but the Consultant unanimous, containing Municipal the value of the offer, accepted without hesitation this gift.
In 1920, when the monument to deaths was erected, that became the cross who was to his/her/its site?

Monsieur Lebaudy

Au course of the session of February of 1928, the Consultant Municipal e nregistre the Lebaudy grant without specifying grounds of it. He/it decides to affect the sum of 360 FRS for the payment of the bread supplying to paupers for the third quarter of 1927.
He/it is likely that the Lebaudy family, rich industrial sugar and dirigible ball constructors to Crops are donors.

Mademoiselle Lloyd

Alma, Estelle Lloyd, rich American, inhabitant of Los Angeles, masculine pace, always clothed of a horse panties, had elected domicile, after Mrs. Broussillon, to "la Pommeraie".
His/her/its fortune had his/her/its origin in the discovery of oil in his/her/its properties in U.S.A.
She/it had arrived to Pressagny accompanied of a friend and Louise Aubart, handmaid endowed many talents. She/it made office of sailor aboard the yatch, she/it was as dresser, woman of room, she/it stayed up to all in the property.
The yacht of the American was moored to the landing stage that it had made distribute in stocking of his/her/its garden. One had baptized this district of sides of Seine besides: "Le Harbor to the Anglais&quots; can be by reason of the language that one e ntendait to speak. The Hervé couple, arrived of their native Brittany to serve it, was submitted him entirely. Every day come with of Mr. Hervé the multimillionaire made long walks to horse. It was the alone moments where villagers could see it. The remainder of the time, she/it remained in his/her/its property or left in journey.
The Christmas days, she/it organized a snack for his/her/its personnel that appreciated his/her/its niceness.
As in a lot of Townships, English, Germans and American were represented. Was this to hold the secret services of their aware countries? Mr. Middelton was sporty journalist of the Dayli Miror, he lived to the present 10 street of the Marette "Tudor City". Mrs. Larrieu that lived to the "Prieuré" in front of the school was German.
The war arrived, the American left the village and "La Pommeraie" found again without master. The owner decided to put it to the disposition of the Red Cross.
Louise Aubart had remained to keep the domain. To occupy his/her/its time, she/it had opened to the intention of inhabitants of the village a lounge of hairdressing to The sign of "Louise Coiffure". The panel was fixed in the street to Loons on the house today named "Le Pitchoun". In fact, the Pitchoun, it was the name of Louise's dog.
After the Liberation, Miss Loyd came back to sell his/her/its domain, happy to recover it in good state.
One can suppose that it is to excuse the American people that had made a lot of damages in Normandy by bombardments, that she/it proposed to the Consultant Municipal by act of March 25, 1946 a grant of a million of francs for Pressagny the proud, and another million to the profit of another Township to the choice of the Consultant Municipal.
The village of Aubevoye was designated. Money served to distribute a land of soccer. As for Pressagny, the investment went toward the building. An old barn, close to the school that served discount for firemen and room, of gymnastics for children of the school, became, thanks to this generosity, a village hall where laughters and dances perpetuated themselves until 1990. Then, this building became one of classes of the maternal school. One other part of the sum permitted to complete funds to construct the town hall.
The multimillionaire's property, thereafter, sheltered some prestigious hosts. "Le "Club of the Pommeraie" that had published the advertising maps that praised the domain: "A one hour of Paris, to the side of water, in a setting charmant". He/it allowed the Parisian to make meetings. He/it carried his/her/its fruits since that East that the future owner couple made knowledge. Mr. and Mrs. Martell (of brandies) stayed of it of 1946 to 1950. A family of Parisian, the Truphèmes followed him. Finally, Christian Gallimard (of Editions) himself as gave back owner without inhabiting him. A long solitude failed to ruin this beautiful property. Of mushrooms eaters of woods had infected her.
Today, after laborious works, the property recovered a master who cherishes it.

Monsieur Michel Robineau.

Expert in gems, he/it was one of the three children of the lord of the village. He/it inhabited the house surrounded by the path of the Foot Corbonses, the alley of the pit and the street of the church where home Mr. Lefebvre, his/her/its heir. After the last war, the rebuilt church needed to be refurnished. Michel Robineau possessed a "Christ Mort", paints on panel of wood of the end of the 16th century. He/it made grant to the church of this picture enlivened many characters. The œuvre, oriental invoice represents, to the first plan, a Marie Madeleine that recalls us the tie that unites us to this saint by the priory of Pressagny that carried his/her/its name...
For his/her/its yearly feast, the Polish community borrowed him regularly.
At the end years 80, the departmental services of the sacred furniture appraised that a restoration of this picture imposed itself. He/it was confided to cares of Mr. Jaillette specialist in repair of objects of art. When he/it came back, he/it had recovered his/her/its colors of origin, he/it made the admiration of all connoisseurs.
The Consultant Municipal appraised that he was not sufficiently protected in the church, as he decided to make a photographic reproduction that would remain to Pressagny of it whereas the original would be confided to the museum of Vernon.
The Saturday 14 December 1991 took place garaged it official.
Since this day, the Pressécagnienses benefit the same reduced tariff that the Vernonnaises to enter to the museum.


Le 4 June 1974, the artist painter offers a picture representing sides of Seine and a bust in stone presumed of St Martin (to see chapter Eggly Bulletin Municipal N° 18. 1999).

Mademoiselle Parmentier.

Le 1st March 1975, Etiennette Parmentier, citizen of honor, offered, to decorate the town hall, a œuvre of William Brock, English painter that had lived to Pressagny in the beginning the 20th century. She/it represents the martyrdom of the Red cross, animate by a peasant that walks his/her/its cow and a child, Ninie Thorel close to his/her/its horse to roulettes. He/it is about an oil on canvas protégé by one glass. Miss Parmentier also honored the school while offering several grants in cash.
Cf: History of the Brock family. Bulletin Municipal N° 12. 1993.
": Book "Etiennette Parmentier Citizen of Honneur" Ed Bertout. Luneray. 1992

Monsieur and Mrs. Eudier.

Après the demolition of the church in 1944, funds of war damages permitted to rebuild the new church on foundations of the ancient.
The artist Ernest Risse had been kept for his/her/its projects of stained glass windows. These glass roofs, installed in 1955, were appreciated by people that frequented this place of cult, in particular when radiuses of the sun the crossed, they distributed a light to the hot colors.
Several years after their pose, in the beginning the month of July 1972 the creative artist, under the ascendancy of the alcohol or other drug came to break 4 of them with stones and boards. Public "Le had not understood his/her/its œuvre" said him; it is why, passer-by before this church, he/it had had "un stroke noir". Yet, he/it had cashed the price of his/her/its work.
One proposed him to repair damages. In November 1972 he/it prepared their repairing. Him only was capable to restore them. An exhibition had to permit him to present his/her/its work in the village hall. The calendar was not held not. He/it seems that he/it didn't have means to finance this repair. While waiting, wind and rain penetrated by these open openings.
Mr. Eudier, ancient mayor and his/her/its wife, ancient schoolmistress of the local school of the village himself as moved. They decided to sponsor a temporary repair with the glass cathedral of color. Works were finished before the meeting of the Consultant Municipal of January 10, 1976.
Them only, know the price of this grant.
Ernest Risse, insoluble disappeared the region.

Jean Marie Galataud.

Au month of February 1979 the painter that signs: "J.M.G." offered for the local of the Town hall an oil on canvas framed representative the young Oak of God's Mother next to his/her/its defunct ancestor. The plantation of this symbolic tree had taken place November 25, 1978. It is the artist's wife, municipal counselor that had made the speech of inauguration of the site restored. By this grant, the painter had chosen to honor the elected and the voluntary that had participated to the resurrection this local emblem.

Bernard Nightingale.

En October 1980, after the exhibition of painting that had taken place in the village hall next to the town hall, this artist made grant to the Township of a picture that represents the young Oak of God's Mother in a halo. He/it is signed: "Bernard".

Nicole and Rémy Lebrun.

Depuis of decades, to the shade of limes, to the angle of the road of the Andelyses and the street to Loons, two marches of stone in shape of pyramid, framed by broken boundary-mark remainders proved that to this site was erected a martyrdom.
He/it is that the antiquarian possessed an old cross of stone that it had found to Richeville at a peasant. This last had unearthed him under his/her/its manure in several pieces that it had been necessary to recoller. Without doubt gisait-him under litters since the Revolution.
A pedestal had been bought to Dead Harbor that suited his/her/its dimension. It had been necessary to redo a piece of column to put it to good height.
A member of the commission of the environment made the bringing together and proposed the acquirement by the Township of this stone sculpted.
The antiquarian that during ten years had filled mayor's functions, made grant of it to the Collectivity, she/it was sealed by the mason of the village during the summer of 1983. The "Pressagny association in Fleurs", install regularly of the garnished ferries of flowers to the foot of this small monument on the site that had to be called "La Cross of the Village" once;. This appellation appears in the Notebook of Deliberations of the Township for the constitution of the first land register in 1791. (to see chapter: History of the Land register, Bulletin Municipal N° 7, 1988).

Bernard Feray.

Le 25 November 1978 on occasion of the Day of the tree, important demonstrations had been organized to celebrate plantations to the Chesney, to sides of Seine, to the Oak of God's Mother. In this last place, for to commemorate the event, the friend Bernard Feray had carved in the stone a épigraphe recalling this ecological day.
In 1999 he/it renewed a work of the same kind. This time, he/it sculpted in the stone the local emblem, create by Marius Sawastyanowicz. The drawing represents a leaf of oak to symbolize the forest that covers a big left of the territory, a swan that one can confound with a drakkar viking, he/it slips on a feather that recalls the writers publisher and artists that chose our sides of Seine. Hey yes, one gamberge to the village! Two copies have been offered for the Township, an is sealed under the porch of the Town hall, the other rests on a shelf in the room of the Consultant Municipal.
We won't forget no more the manufacture of benches that ornaments the room of the Town hall and sides of Seine.. Bernard had manufactured himself mussels to sink feet in reinforced concrete and it is he that installed them to their present site. With the time, they proved their solidity. Yet, during the storm of December 26, 1999 one of poplars that edges the stream fell inauspiciously on one of these benches. Bernard took his/her/its mussels and pulled four of them new. A will permit to take a rest to the door of the cemetery, two another one will serve to the stadium to look comfortably at matches and the fourth will replace the disaster victim.
Bernard Feray is to the origin of the restoration of the Christ of the martyrdom of the Red Cross also. The Christ's left leg was cracked and it was necessary to reweld it. Bernard made call to his/her/its Sébastien cousin, puisatier to Ecouis for the contraption of lifting, then with the some friend help, the statue had descended, cleaned, rewelded at another friend to the Andelyses and discount in room. All these works didn't cost a cent to the Township.

Madame Bloch Pimentel.

Lors of his/her/its departure of the Township, toward the year 1990, the owner of the house baptized "le Terrier" in the turn of the top Tip, made a grant of thirty thousand francs in favor of our collectivity.

Léa Weri Bost.

Après a past life in Belgium, Léa recovered the village of his/her/its childhood. She/it offered for the church Saint Martin of Pressagny of the small stained glass windows of which a that hides the tabernacle. He/it represents a crucifixion. Saint Marie Madeleine, is represented to the foot of the Cross. Mr. Lucien Small installed them and electrified so that a lighting makes some take out again colors.

                                                                                               photo B.MARSANS

Dons for associations.

Depuis his/her/its creation, the Sporty association of Pressagny the proud received several games of vests. The Committee of feasts, discerns every year of tradesmen and craftsmen of grants for advertising spaces. The bulletin Municipal, to be able to publish his/her/its first page in color made call to enterprises that finance the impression against an advertisement. He/it is true that these engagements have for goal to make the know enterprises pressécagniens. We don't know if fallouts are worthy of the investments.

Voilà everything that has been recovered in archives of the town hall and in the collective memory. That generosity will tell ourselves! It is true... yet many donors were certainly forgotten, that they want well to excuse these omissions. He/it will always be possible to complete this document. There are also the anonymous and the discreet that don't wish to make notice itself/themselves. We don't forget them.

Les grants in nature and in work.

Si all donors must be thanked, let's think to the voluntary that offered their muscular work, their time and their reflections discreetly to the service of the collectivity since generations. It is sometimes of enormous gifts if one calculated them in hours to remunerate. That they are municipal, responsible counselors or active members of associations, sporty trainers, gardeners, firemen, members of commissions, they contributed to to enrich and to preserve our heritage, to create the cordial ambiance that makes that a lot of villages envy us and also that so many visitors wishes to get settled in our walls.
It is true that thanks to them, he/it makes good live to Pressagny!


2000/2001 All forbidden reproductions.