The Twentieth century.


June 5, 1901.

The mayor exposes to the Consultant Municipal whom the circulation becomes difficult and dangerous because of cars that cross the borough to a pace many too big.

The Consultant Municipal stops:

Art N° 1 He/it is recommended to drivers of cars, tricycles and velocipedes to not browse roads and street of the Township that to a middle pace of 30 Km/hs in short countryside and 20 Km/hs in the agglomeration.

Art N° 2 They should be provided of warning as horn, stamp either horn and to make use of it in all curves or crossing of streets so that the public is warned of their passage.

Art N° 3 contrevenantses will be pursued consistently to laws and regulations in force.

N° art 4            S The rustic guard and agents of the public strength will be put in charge of the execution of the present decree.

January 30, 1902.

New repairs are necessary to the church of the side of the property of Séguin, to the vestry, to the bell-tower. An estimate of 1500Fr. is accepted. A help is solicited for a sum of 400Fr.

To the month of July the market will be called will to will for a sum of 1500Fr. foreseen how.

April 26, 1903.

The Consultant Municipal asks for an office of factor conductor in the Township of Pressagny the proud.

The Consultant Municipal votes for the admission of the sieur Dines Jules, Adolphe as support of family. He/it is soldier rider to the 31st of dragon, class 1901 to Epernay. He/it is father of a young child. He/it seems that it is he that will become ferryman under the nickname of Dodophe. (To see the book Etiennette Parmentier, Citizen of honor of Pressagny the proud.

February 25, 1904.

Demand concerning the passage of water between Pressagny the proud and Saint Pierre of Autils, until now exclusively to the load of Pressagny the proud. The distribution of expenses between the two Townships is wished.

March 20, 1904.

The public room is too narrow. The Township would need an adjoining land to enlarge him. The property belonging to Mr. Godard Charles and Letellier Mathilde, composed of a house with court, buildings and garden, containing in totality 7 areses. She/it is situated on one hand on the street to Loons, the public room of the other and a third side, the Gaillot house. This good is to sell to the price of 1700Fr.

The Advice allows the Mayor to make all gaits to acquire this land.

Considering complaints an investigation is led.

The Consultant Municipal, in his/her/its sitting of April 19, consider that complaints are not founded being given the nothing of motives that they invoke of it. He/it maintains his/her/its decision to acquire the land.

April 29, 1904.

The Consultant Municipal gives out a favorable opinion to the edification of a railroad stop to the Bottleneck.

May 15, 1904.

Mr. Lehec Alexandre is reelected Mayor.

Mr. Lemercier Adjoint.

The same day, the Consultant Municipal gives out an unfavorable opinion to the project of establishment of a deposit of drain to the locality The Foot Corbonses, to 20 meters of sides of Seine and 420 meters of dwellings. Either two dépotoirses of 300 m3.

Reason of the refusal: Nuisance to the public healthiness by risks of infection, of endemic and infectious illnesses.

August 21, the Consultant Municipal approves a decree of the structural Mayor on hygiene, the public healthiness for dwellings, shelters for livestock and the protection of drinking waters.

January 29, 1905.

Purchase of four tables for the school and repair of the voting urn for the sum of 114,65 Frs.

May 3, 1905.

Consignment in holiday as support of family of the sieur Dines Adolphe, soldier of the class 1901 to the 6th dragon to Evreux.

The Consultant Municipal considers that knew it named belongs to a family without no resource, that the woman of interested him is in a notorious indigence state being given the bad state of health of his/her/its child and the absolute lack of resources. He/it admits the dispensation.

July 21, 1905.

Indemnities are poured for the widening of the road of big communication of Vernon to the Andelyses.

July 28, 1905.

The Township must face heavy loads for the upkeep of passage boats.

The Consultant Municipal asks that the Township of holy Pierre of Autils participates in these loads.

The Consultant Municipal decides to fix the site of the distillation shop to the side of the Seine, to the extremity of the street of the church.

November 30, 1905.

The Consultant Municipal decides the purchase of a property belonging to Mrs. Blier widow, been born Gaillot as well as to Mrs. widow Dines, been born Gaillot understanding a house with court and garden for a countenance of 3 areses and 95 centiareses. This good unites all necessary conditions for the establishment of a house of school and a town hall.

March 18, 1906.

The Consultant Municipal solicits of Mr. the Prefect, the authorization to destroy the harmful animals as boars, deer and doe who make damages in cultures.

August 19, 1906.

The stop of railroad to the Bottleneck functions admirably since more than one year. A bridge to the Bottleneck is called to transform it in station.

The Consultant Municipal prays the superior authority to want to invite administrations of Bridges and Pavements well to raise one before project of the establishment of a bridge on the Seine, of the Bottleneck to Our Lady of the Isle, who could be installed to expenses of the state, the Department and Townships interested,

February 24, 1907.

The Township regains the free disposition of the uninhabited rectory since thirty years and fallen in bad state. Thick repairs are necessary to give back it habitable.

July 30, 1907.

The Consultant Municipal accepts to participate for a sum of 2000 Frs. to the construction of a bridge to Our Lady of the Isle.

Project of creation of a regular car service joining The Andelyses to Vernon.

November 3, 1907.

For the struggle against the alcoholism, he/it is prohibited from implanting a bar unless hundred meters of the church, the cemetery or the school.

February 20, 1908.

After the works of restoration, the teacher will be lodged in the rectory until the construction of a new school.

March 24, 1908.

The Consultant Municipal approves an electric adduction project in the Township.

May 17, 1908.

Mr. Lehec Alexandre is reelected Mayor.

Mr. Lemercier Adjoint.

November 14, 1908.

Receipt of the works of repair of walls of the cemetery.

December 19, 1908.

The Consultant Municipal doesn't appraise necessary to impose itself/themselves exceptionally to participate at the rate of 2000 Frs. to the construction of two bridges on the Seine to Our Lady of the Isle and the Bottleneck.

Considering that the Township is in talks to sell a part of the local land to the locality The Chesney and that the sale of this land would procure a sufficient sum.

January 12, 1909.

The Consultant Municipal asks services of stations, two distributions and two levees of mail per day in the Township.

Purchase of a flette for the passage of water financed by half by the two interested townships. Either 150 Frs. for Saint Pierre of Autils, and 150 Frs. for Pressagny the proud.

March 28, 1909.

Mr. the Mayor communicates to the Consultant Municipal a letter in date of March 18, 1909 by which Mr. Robineau Paul, notary in Paris, demand to acquire, in return for the sum of 6000 Frs. a parcel of land of a 3 hectare countenance, to detach a parcel of a bigger extent, to the locality The Chesney, N° TO 76 of plan cadastral, that would be him necessary to construct a castle.

The Consultant Municipal, after having deliberated, considering that the know-indicated parcel is useless to the Township, allow the Mayor to make the necessary formalities to sell to the amicable to Mr. Robineau (...) and demand to Mr. the under Prefect, the authorization to do this sale.

After investigation, the Consultant Municipal, considering that the intended alienation is really advantageous for the Township, that complaints that are produced himself to the investigation, signed by the sieurses Caron Aimable, Dine Wanted, Dine Adolphe, and Bouillet Marie is not founded being given the nothing of motives invoked, esteem that there is place to reject to the unanimity complaints mentioned to the verbal suit and maintains in all his/her/its arrangements his/her/its deliberation of March 28, 1909 as voting says it project.

September 20, 1910.

The Consultant Municipal solicits some supplementary stops for trains that spend to the stop of the Bottleneck as well as the pose of a limps to letters, hung to the wall of the stop and the creation of ease restroom with indispensable urinals, even to the point of mœurs view.

April 9, 1911.

Demand of dédoublement of the line of railroad of the Havre in Paris that could pass by the Andelyses, Forest, Tourny, Ecos, Gasny,.

April 28, 1912.

Repair of the gutter of the street of the church.

May 12, 1912.

Reelection of Mr. Lehec Alexander Maire

                     Mr. Lemercier Adjoint.

June 5, 1912.

Approval of terms and conditions for the establishment of a service of electricity distribution.

August 24, 1913.

Mr. Robineau bought the castle of the village to Mr. of Séguin.

We replicate a text that has been blocked, therefore annulled, of a convention between Mr. Robineau and the Mayor of Pressagny that stipulates below that:

The north wall of the castle that edges the room of the church, belongs like soil and construction, in all his/her/its height to Mr. Robineau and that it is only in virtue of a simple tolerance and without that it can ever constitute a servitude, that the Township pushed of it the small serving building to shelter the hearse, that the out-flow of the waters of this small building in the park of Mr. Robineau is only a simple tolerance on behalf of this last and won't be able to constitute a servitude never on the property of Mr. Robineau, which will remain always freed of all servitude whatever is the length of this tolerance.

November 23, 1913.

Demand to the administration of the department so that loads of the passage of the Seine are distributed between Pressagny the proud and Saint Pierre of Autils.

October 30, 1914.

Purchase of masts, flags and oriflammeses for feasts of the Township. Renewal of patriotism in this beginning of conflict.

A subsidy of 20 francs has been allocated to policemen to buy bicycles during the length of the war. Horses had to be requisitioned.

January 20, 1915.

Mr. Picard, secretary of town hall is mobilized. He/it is replaced by Mrs. Picard. Mr. Picard was a teacher to the local school of Pressagny the proud .Il has been replaced by Mr. Lemaigre. (To see bulletins municipal N°12 and 15 where a raises the school, Rosa Brock describes the ambiance of this period of the war).

August 15, 1815.

The budget of prices of the school and the one of the feast of July 14 is affected by half to the military injured profit and the other half to the military prisoner profit

November 28, 1915.

The Consultant Municipal doesn't accept the adjudication of the water passage, that provided that loads are distributed by half between Pressagny the proud and Saint Pierre of Autils.

March 19, 1916.

Repairs are made to the church with funds coming of a grant of Mr. Joseph of Séguin. (Ancient lord of pressagny).

March 11, 1917.

The Consultant Municipal accepts to sell to Mr. Josset, a parcel of 135,75 square meter earth, section A.N° 76 of the land register, to the locality The Chesney, considering that the parcel of land is useless to the Township.

December 22, 1918.

The Consultant Municipal accepts the will of Mrs. alexandrine, Amélie Delallée, Broussillon widow, in favor of the Township is: 1 000 francs whose use will be decided by his/her/its nieces and their husbands. In an ulterior deliberation, he/it appears that: 100 francs are destined to sappers firemen and 900 francs to the installation and the upkeep of the electric lighting of the church.

April 27, 1919.

The Consultant Municipal votes a subscription of 250 francs for the first year of a regular automotive service to join The Andelyses to Vernon and Evreux.

December 11, 1919.

Mr. Alexander Lehec is reelected Mayor.

Mr. Narcissus Parmentier is elected Deputy.

March 7, 1920.

Raising of a monument to deaths for France by the Yvelin enterprise of Vernon, for a sum of 2975 francs.

April 2, 1920.

A very inviting letter of the Aubevoye mayor proposes to the Township of Pressagny the proud to adhere to the union of Townships for electricity.

Agreement of the Consultant Municipal for the signing of a contract.

June 2, 1920.

By will in date of May 1st, 1918, Mrs. Renault widow, been born Stéphanie Lion, deceased to Pressagny the proud November 3, 1918, bequeathed to the Township a sum of 4 000 francs whose interests must be given every year in price to the two children, boy and the most meritorious girl.

The Consultant Municipal accepts this bequest.

November 7, 1920.

By a letter, Mr. Josset, notary in Paris asks to acquire a parcel of land of a 16 006 square meter countenance, edging his/her/its property, to detach a parcel of a bigger extent to the locality The Chesney, cadastrée A. 76. at the rate of 25 francs the are, to enlarge his/her/its property.

The Consultant Municipal, considering that the parcel is no utility to the Township, allow the Mayor to make the necessary formalities to sell the land in return for the sum of 4 015 francs.

May 15, 1921.

An insurance contract against accidents is subscribed at the time of the adjudication of the water passage with distribution of loads between the two riparian Townships.

December 4 of the same year, The Consultant Municipal notes that since ten years there is not any more flette to pass cars and horses without that Townships had to endure some. He/it decides the suppression of the horse passage and cars and don't preserve the insurance that for pedestrians only.

January 29, 1922.

Pupils of the school deserving the grant of Mrs. Renault will be titular of a 60 franc savings bankbook each for the year 1921.

Have been designated:

Toutain Sylvine, girl of Toutain Olive of Our Lady of the Isle. Lorailler Etienne, son of Lorailler Emile to Pressagny the proud. He/it will lose his/her/its wife and a part of his/her/its children during the debacle of 1940. He/it will found a new family and be Counsel Municipal of 1965 to 1971.

August 2, 1922.

The roof of the school is repaired for a sum of 2 894,36 francs.

December 3, 1922.

The Consultant Municipal designates children of the most meritorious school:

Queruel German, girl of Crépin Léopold. She/it will become Mrs. Neuvilly, she/it will exercise deputy's functions to the mayor of 1945 to 1974. His/her/its role was very important of the fact of the mayor's absence that was Parisian

Dorléans Fernand, son of Dorléans Arthur. Old family of Pressagny of which one recovers the name in notebooks of deliberations of the Township since the 18th century.

April 11, 1923.

Demand of creation of a phone booth.

May 9, 1923.

Us Mayor of the Township of Pressagny the proud, Seen the municipal law of 1884 and decrees of March 10, i899 and September 10, 1901,

Considering that some drivers of cars circulate in the agglomeration with an excessive speed and that he/it can result some of the serious accidents,

Let's stop:

Article 1st:          TO fifty meters at less before their entrance in the agglomeration, drivers of cars will be held to bring back their march to a pace that will never be superior to 8 kilometers per hour.

Article 2:           tickets to the present decree will be noted by the verbal suits and will be pursued consistently to the law.

Article 3:           Garde Him Rustic some Township is charged of the execution of the present decree.

May 9, 1923.

The Mayor takes a decree forbidding gypsies to park on the room of the village.

August 25, 1923.

The Consultant Municipal takes an engagement of loan for the telephone.

The exploitation of the water passage stopped since the death of the adjudicataire, Mr. Dines Adolphe, intervening January 28, 1922. Since, the transfer makes himself regularly by the passage of Our Lady of the Isle.

The Consultant Municipal decides to suppress the passage definitely.

November 30, 1924.

German Varin is designated to receive the Renault price. Girl of Vitaline, she/it will marry Albert Etienne.

May 15, 1925.

Reelection of Mr. Alexander Lehec, Mayor.

                          Mr. Louis Varin, Deputy.

Mr. Parmentier Maçon to Pressagny, present an estimate for the construction of a phone booth, either: 2519,38 francs.

For the medical inspection of schools, there is not place to make the acquirement of a rocker.

October 31, 1926.

Mr. Vimard Gaston, Alphonse, driver of car, has been admitted to the profit of the aid to the numerous families.

The Consultant Municipal votes a subsidy of hundred francs destiny to the remuneration for the ferryman of Our Lady of the Isle, Mr. Goujon, in conformity of the demand top by the Consultant Général.

October 30, 1927.

The Mayor exposes to the Consultant Municipal that Mr. Josset, Alexander, notary in Paris, 66 Small Field street, want to surrender purchaser of a parcel of local land of a 2 hectare countenance, 32 areses, 22 centiareses, edging his/her/its property, to detach a parcel of a bigger extent to the locality The Chesney, cadastrée A. 76. to the price of 15 000 francs the hectare.

On the other hand, an offer of purchase of this same land has been made by Mr. Detrimont, 24 street E. Meniers, Paris 16th to the price of 15 000 francs the hectare.

A third offer of purchase has been made by Mr. Esnault, 34 Malesherbeses boulevard to the price of 12 000 francs the hectare.

The Consultant Municipal, considering that the parcel being in nature of fallow land, is neither no utility nor no profit for the Township, that she/it is not susceptible of amodiation and that the only middle to pull an useful party of it, would be to alienate him to the profit of the municipal cash-box.

Considering that the stake to the public bids is susceptible to produce a superior sum, vote the sale by adjudication to the public bids that will take place February 16, 1928, at Mr. Lemaire, notary to Tourny.

Has of it you he/it had understanding between notaries to not make an advertisement for this sale? If two purchasers were inclined to outbid to competition of 15 000 francs the hectare, the sale would have to produce it to the minimum adds it of 34 833 francs, however it only produces 30 833 francs that are to the unanimity placed in pension of state to 6%. Bad business for the Township, and bad investment seen the inflation that raged and the stock ace who arrived the following year. It would have been necessary to be devin!

October 14, 1928.

Mr. Lanvin Emile is elected Mayor. He/it replaces Mr. Lehec that had filled the feature of first magistrate of the Township during 36 years, of May 15, 1892 to August 28 1928 date of his/her/its death. The last months of his/her/its life, probably weakened, he/it had delegated all his/her/its powers to his/her/its deputy Louis Varin.. The last signing of Mr. Lehec on the notebook of deliberations is affixed le24 February 1928. The tomb of the Lehec family is in the central alley of the cemetery, on the right before the monument to deaths. A plate of marble engraved recalls the length of the service that this mayor gave back to the Township.

The 18octobre 1928.

The construction of an underground pipeline for the waters of rain is decided. She/it will have 50 meters of length, with built three looks. The half of work is done this year by Mr. Parmentier Gaston, the second left being reserved in 1929 to Mr. Marcel, Albert, mason to Pressagny the proud.

Maurice Dumouchet receives the savings bankbook of the Renault bequest, either: 60 francs.

May 19, 1929.

Mr. Lanvin Emile is reelected Mayor.

Mr. Varin Louis is reelected Deputy.

September 15, 1929.

The Consultant Municipal, touched by the numerous complaints of inhabitants and users of the road, has the honor to attract the attention of Mr. the Prefect on the bad state of the path between Vernon and Bouafles. He/it makes him notice that not having a bridge, inhabitants of the right strand of the Seine have no access to the national roads and that by reason of the present state, tourists abstain from coming in the country that is thus in state of inferiority.

He/it solicits of Mr. the Prefect, his/her/its support to the Consultant Général to get possible the earliest the tarring of the so-called road.

He/it seems that this project has been achieved thanks to the constructor automotive Louis Renault that coming from Boulogne, borrowed this way to surrender in his/her/its domain of Herqueville while passing by The Andelyses.

December 22, 1929.

The Consultant Municipal, to the unanimity, protest energetically against the unceasing increase of works and administrative formulas required of mayors and ask for a reasonable simplification so that the administration doesn't ask town halls that the strictly indispensable work to the good application of laws.

An investigation commodo and incommodo is opened about the demand of Mr. Verdier-Dufour for the establishment of a shop of quartering and manufacture of manure to the animal matter means.

The Consultant Municipal protests with energy against the intended shop establishment.

Energetic protest of the Consultant Municipal against the abusive taxation of bread and flour.

March 5, 1930.

Creation of the School Cash-box.

December 10, 1930.

Miss Georgette Dumouchet has been designated how beneficiary of the price ensuing of the Renault bequest.

December 20, 1931.

As the subdivision of sappers firemen doesn't function anymore since 1912, the Consultant Municipal asks for his/her/its dissolution. (page 306)

He/it studies the possibility of a convention with the city of Vernon that would be considered like center of secours  for a service intercommunal against the fire. He/it would be inclined to vote a yearly subsidy of 200 francs

September 30, 1932.

Léon Guinel is elected Mayor.

July 30, 1933.

Repairing of the paving of the class.

May 19, 1935.

Reelection of Mr. Guinel: Mayor

              Mr. Léon Varin: Deputy.

June 5, 1935.

The Mayor exposes to the Consultant Municipal whom he asked for him to make a village hall with the barn and the laundry situated close to the school.

Estimates will be made before works are undertaken.

February 23, 1936.

The Consultant Municipal considers that expenses to hire for the adduction of water would be too important. The project of acquirement of the Madeleine could modify these works. He/it decides to put back to later the works of water adduction.

July 9, 1936.

Some urgent works are to execute on the local buildings. The Consultant Municipal asks for the authorization to borrow close to individuals the sum of 2500 francs. Lenders require no interest.

The Consultant Municipal proposes to vote 8 special cents to the budget of 1937 for the amortization of this sum in 5 years

November 8, 1936.

With funds of the School Cash-box, Miss Gueulorget, schoolmistress buys a scientific compendium.

The local lands are rented to Mr. Yver, shepherd, for the sum of 50 francs per year. This land spreads in tip between the national road, the green path and the land rented by Mr. Josset.

February 20, 1937.

The question of the land sale asked by Mr. Josset being debated after this one retired, the Consultant Municipal gives right to his/her/its demand if residents, after investigation, want to give up their rights of passage well. The purchaser committing to give them the same servitude.

April 9, 1937.

Admission on demand of Mrs. Leguay and Mr. Pierre Leguay on the list of free medical aid.

April 30, 1938.

Opening of a subscription for the repair of the bell of the church that must be recast. Contribution of the Township to the expense for a sum of 2500 francs.

12 September 1938.

Mr. Josset asks the Mayor to take a decree to determine the place where one can put down garbages and discharges.

February 5, 1939.

Overtime of the electric line until the Mouth-Manon asked by Mr. Chauvin and granted by the Consultant Municipal. Gentleman Chauvinist made his/her/its electrification him even.

Offer of harnessing of a sport land for the school and the young people, formulated by Miss Lloyd. The Advice approves the proposition and offer the situated parcel... no specified in the deliberation. He/it thanks Miss Lloyd

Local land renting. Mr. Josset sees to renew itself/themselves a lease on the local land.

July 24, 1940.

Mr. Parmentier, expose to the Consultant Municipal that Gentleman Chaumont, Houbard, Lady Caron and Club or rather Mrs. Crette his/her/its girl, owner, had their house or their buildings damaged by bombardments of June 8, 1940. To his/her/its return, Mr. Di-Valentin proposed to the Kommandantur to make repairs provided that to assure him food. Without authorization of the Commission, he/it began works. The Township however assured him as well as to his/her/its two workers, food (bread, meat, milk). These works began July 1st and continued himself until July 21 to in the evening.

The Consultant Municipal asks to Mr. the Prefect the authorization to take on the budget of the Beneficence Office, the necessary sums to pay for the caused expenses. If these sums are insufficient or rather the insufficient credit, he/it asks to take the complementary credits on

 l'Article 62: Indemnity for course of adults. 100 francs.

Article 63: Purchase of price books. 500 francs.

Article 79: Feast of July 14 and another one. 900 francs.

Article 90: Subsidy to the Society of Music. 100 francs.

Either a whole of 1600 francs. One will be able to pay thus for workers to the rate fixed by the Prefecture, not can assure the complete food while deducting bread, milk and meat provided.

The Consultant Municipal asks to Mr. the Prefect if the Township must pay for materials of the repair works that it didn't order to make. Do Townships must to take damages of war in charge?

Marginal mention above: Letter of September 7, 1940 of Mr. the Prefect: Refusal of approval of the deliberation opposite

August 11, 1940.

For lack of quorum the Consultant Municipal can not deliberate.

A letter of protest of Mr. Larrieu will be alone joined to the present deliberation.

He/it is about an advisable letter with acknowledgment providing the duplicate of a mail addressed to the state police of the Andelyses that says in substance that Mr. Larrieu doesn't want to be bothered more by policemen, messengers by the anonymous informers (heard coins, the Township) for the story of light (covers fires) and especially of nationality of his/her/its wife that was French by marriage although been born in Germany

His/her/its papers would have proven that Mrs. Larrieu was a French since October 14, 1939.

August 14 and 18, 1940.

The Consultant Municipal can not deliberate for lack of quorum.

August 29, 1940.

Mrs. Dumouchet Yvonne asks for a military allowance for his/her/its Maurice sons inserted since June 9, 1940. Granted.

September 15, 1940.

5 operators nominees: Roussel gentlemen, Varin, Guyomard, Castel, Mrs. Thorel,.

The baker having left in exodus, the exploitation of the bakery has been made the first day by Mr. Guinel Maire. He also left in .Par exodus the following by Mr. Parmentier Narcisse that presided, controlled, controlled the manufacture and the sale of the bread of June 9 to August 9, 1940. This municipal exploitation can not be assimilée  that to a loan of consumption. Indeed, the Township owes to the baker whom stocks of flour, of wood, of gas took the first day of the municipal management. If the baker believes founded himself to ask an indemnity for the use of his/her/its local and his/her/its material, it is to notice that the requisition by Germans to been avoided and that the order of march perfects to the return of the baker makes up for usury extensively material dudit.

Work and returns ayantpas been made by the baker, Mr. Herpin asks all over again for the return to the town hall of amounts, returns and expense and of the remaining funds. Amounts would permit to verify the management of Mr. Parmentier, what would satisfy to the demand of taxpayers.

If this management had let him of losses, the baker would have refused to balance. therefore the profit that exists certainly, must come back to the Township.

Mr. Herpin attracts the attention of his/her/its colleagues of the Advice on aftermaths of an inviting voting: either credits, either the other chapters of the budget in this sense that if the Township takes debits and no profits, the Advice can be in the obligation to vote 75 additional cents about.

He/it would be more inadmissible

1) that the baker let the community without bread and that to his/her/its return it has the pretension to touch a profit to which it didn't contribute and it without wanting to take losses if it had existed some

2) that he/it is inadmissible that bread has been distributed free from June 24, date to which all was perfectly in order and that these distributions have been made without holding amount of the pecuniary situation of recipients.

3) that he/it is anomalous to have the pretension to make pay for taxes to demobilized them and to the part of the population leaves to pay for debts without giving to interested parties amounts that must make take out again profits.

The Advice, by 2 voices against an approves this protest

November 7, 1940.

Reconstitution of the sappers fireman body, solicited by the Prefect.

December 19, 1940.

The mayor asks the Advice to vote the sum of 1632,75 francs hang-over of the invoice of the baker presented to harm because the manufacture of bread has been made by Mr. Parmentier in so much that representative of the Township, as the Mayor's absence. Mr. Herpin makes be worth that this note have to not be present by the baker and demand that profits are poured to the local cash-box since normally they should come back him. Mr. Parmentier, interested to the question, left. Mr. Herpin asks again for amounts of the management of Mr. Parmentier and that profits are poured to the National Help.

The Advice examines the question of the mail of Vernon then (bus). This one frequently refuses to take travelers for Pressagny or for Vernon. Considering that the Advice always reached desires of Mr. Monnier (Boss of the company of the Monniers buses whose seat was to Tourny) when this one asked for increases, asks him to be opposite more understanding of taxpayers of Pressagny and to let them one or two rooms, even standing.

The phone booth not being used anymore since the month of June, the Advice decides to only pay for the half of the employee's treatment.

February 21, 1941.

Replacement of Miss Gueulorget, secretary of town hall, deceased by Miss Paradise Andrée, temporary schoolmistress and vote a credit for the lodging. (the usual lodging being under sealed by following of the death of the titular.

Gardens are assigned to the numerous families free on the local lands of the Chesney.

Miss Paradis is replaced by Mr. Dubois Gaston, training, March 3.

March 28, 1941.

The Mayor gives knowledge to the Advice of a letter of Mr. the sub-prefect putting in home the Township to balance a sum of 1632 Francs, representing a supplying of bread to paupers during months of June and July 1940.

Mr. Guinel, Léon, makes notice that Mrs. Mainguy didn't manage his/her/its establishment during lesdits month, whereas she was evacuated to Champigny-the-dry (Vienna). She/it discerned of it the allowance to refugees for her, his/her/its mother and his/her/its son.

The bakery has been managed during two months by Mr. Parmentier Narcisse, making function of Mayor. He/it has to requisition it of the grain to complete the stock of flour in order to provide bread to inhabitants of Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux, Our-lady-of-l'Isle and Panilleuse. Work having been assured by the Township, profits taking out again the management must fall in the cash-box of the Township.

People evacuees, the demobilized soldieries, without work, must not pay for impôts s to perfect an unjustified debt.

The Township only having two paupers, Mr. Guinel makes notice that this sum would be exaggerated for two people, consequently, the Advice refuses credits by two voices against one.

The Mayor asks to take on certain articles of the budget adds it to pay and foresees the article 31. He/it puts to the voting. Same results:

Against: Guinel gentlemen and Herpin.

For: Mr. Varin.

July 02, 1941.

The admiral of the Fleet Darlan, Minister, secretary of state inside


Considering that the Consultant Municipal of Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux is reduced to a strength not permitting him to assure of satisfactory way the local business management


Article 1st :Les Consultant Municipal of the Township of Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux is dissolved.

Article 2: He/it is instituted in the Township of Pressagny the proud, a special delegation authorized to take the same decisions that the Consultant Municipal and so composed.

President:                      Mr. Herpin Raoul.

Members:                       Mr. Robineau.

                                      Mr. Varin Louis.

                                      Mr. Guinel Léon.

The President of the Eure is put in charge of the execution of the present decree

July 26, 1941.

Jean-Jacques Pouliquen receives the price of the Renault bequest.

September 1st, 1941.

Creation of a sport land on the local land of the Chesney.

December 12, 1941.

Demand of local land renting by Mr. Charbonnier to implant a factory to wood for gazogènes.

Demand rejected for the following grounds:

1) the site is not indicated, next to the school sport land (emanations of carbon etc...)

2) many inhabitants asked for the land to make some domestic gardens. Seen difficulties of provision in vegetables, he/it is decided to let the land in culture.

July 28, 1942.

Fire of the agricultural buildings of Mr. Guyomard. Expense of firemen. Mr. Guyomard will buy a hangar to Mr. Lemercier, neighboring agriculturist of the ferryman's house. This building will be erected in the street of the Marette, close to the exit of feels it of the Ruelletteses. He/it will permit to shelter harvest and the material all over again.

March 12, 1943.

Reading of a letter of Mrs. Gianotti, owner of castle of the Madeleine, inhabitant in Paris, 2 Greuses street. She/it asks to make various existing committee part in the Township.

When a vacancy will produce itself, (these being currently to the suit) it will be made call to Mrs. Gianotti according to possibilities.

He/it seems in these subjects that there is reticence. Lords of the Madeleine didn't have the habit to commit in the local associations. Besides, he/it is likely that the farming, maybe by reason of a complex of inferiority, mistrusted townsmen who risked all to monopolize and to create one gene within societies where villagers included themselves freely, so much in their language that in their relations. With his/her/its good manners, the châtelaine would have installed a feeling of uneasiness.

His/her/its husband had been, before the war, engineer on the Maginot line. Tons of reinforced concrete didn't make him fear, he/it had even used this new material to add a wing to the castle of the Madeleine.

September 13, 1943.

Mrs. Gianotti pursues Mr. The Gloan for flight of wood to brooms. Mr. The Gloan is condemned by Mrs. Gianotti to pour to the office of beneficence a sum of 250 francs. She/it refuses to accept the title of recipe.

Members of the Delegation decide to the unanimity to lose interest in propositions of Mrs. Gianotti and vote the annulment of the recipe title

September 13, 1943.

By reason of the vétusté of a part of the roofing of the church, side bell-tower, an estimate of 10 000 franc repair is accepted. Eleven months later, the church will be bombarded. This expense will have been made in pure loss.

January 12, 1944.

Suit Collier.

Mr. Charbonnier proposes to adjust expenses and honoraria of the Township and to pour the difference to the municipal conductor on a yearly rent of 3 500 francs, for a work of lands since September 15, 1942.

August 29, 1944.

People below:

Gentlemen Etienne Albert, Expert-Bezançon Louis, Gimonet Marcel, Guyomard Paul, Leguay Charles, Small Henri, Pouliquen Jean-Marie, Robineau Paul,.

Ladies Barber Andrée marries          Mainguy, Queruel German marries Neuvilly.

Are united himself to the domicile of Mr. Expert Bezançon.

Considering that to the term of the article 4 title 1 of the order of April 21, 1944, the Special Delegation is dissolved and that the ancient Consultant Municipal can not be reformed by following of deaths of Gentleman Josset, Parmentier Narcissus Herpin father, Marcel, and Caron Léon, municipal counselors, of the departure without mind of Mr. Guinel Maire return and Delarue Counselor Municipal, of the resignation of Mr. Herpin Raoul, Varin Louis and of the state of health of Mr. Lemercier Julian, he doesn't exist any more local assembly, they decided to the unanimity:

1) to form provisionally until ratification by the Prefect the Consultant Municipal of Pressagny the proud.

2) to name Mr. Expert-Bezançon, Mayor, Gentleman Gimonet and Robineau, Deputies.

The Consultant Municipal asks the Mayor and Deputies to study emergency and to submit him the following questions:

1) restocking of the month of September.

2) discount in damaged building state.

3) recuperation of the material quit by Germans.

The Consultant Municipal decides to offer a free concession to perpetuity to Robert Connan, death for France.

September 26, 1944.

The Consultant Municipal met at Mr. Expert-Bezançon, the town hall being damaged.

The Mayor gives reading of the prefectorial decree of September 7, 1944 naming the Consultant Municipal.

The Mayor exposes the state of losses in school material, this state is not definitive, researches continuing to recover the material dispersed by following of war events.

The question puts itself to know if the bell-tower of the church will be able to be saved, the remainder of the building being completely damaged.

The building of the town hall will be put out of water and the mayor will be able to install himself shortly of it of days.

The school will be in state to open to October first, authorized date.

Mrs. Mainguy asks that are made to purify the court of the school in which flows into several coming down of gutters of works. Adopted.

November 13, 1944.

The city of Paris is allowed to store 750 stèreses of wood to the side of the Seine, in front of the street of the church until embarking on barges.

Price: 1500 francs per month + 50 francs per day for fractions of month.

The city of Paris commits to repair damages caused to the path, it will be warned of the presence, close by of the yard, of bombs no exploded.

The Prefect gave a favorable opinion to the construction of a camp to replace the damaged church.

The architect, director to the historic monument service proposes to sequence the bell-tower and the part of the even standing church. He/it appraises necessary of the fast works for the lifesaving of the bell-tower.

December 14, 1944.

The Mayor exposes that the bell-tower having collapsed, the works of clearances are undertaken by the T.P.ES.

The market of wood with the City of Paris won't take place by reason of the raw of the Seine.

The Township of Pressagny the proud amount 211 inhabitants.

The Consultant Municipal,

Considering that Robert Connan, killed in an ambush by the Germans to rescue the chief of the F.F.IS. of the Township severely injured, can be reputed death for France.

Decide: He/it is granted to Robert Connan, free, for his/her/its exclusive burial, a concession to perpetuity, N° 78 in the cemetery of Pressagny the proud, consistently to the decree of May 30, 1921. The third of the value of the concession is: 166, 35 francs will be poured to the Office of Beneficence.

February 8, 1945.

Mr. Provendier, breeder of pigs and poultries, completely damaged, solicit the requisition of two properties to return to the Township.

Being given the bad public notoriety reputation, the Consultant Municipal, to the unanimity of the present declares Mr. undesirable Provendier.

March 12, 1945.

An epidemic of diphtheria rages in the Dupré family (5 children). Admission has the free medical aid.

The site of the temporary church is decided to the unanimity less a voice: Mr. Leguay.

May 22, 1945.

To the following of the election of the new Consultant Municipal April 29,

Mr. Gimonet Marcel has been proclaimed Mayor,

Mrs. Neuvilly Germaine, Deputy.

The Consultant Municipal is composed of Gentleman Bénard, Duval, Etienne, Guyomard, Legallais, Small Henri, Pouliquen, Lady Mainguy,.

May 26, 1945.

Two hectares of local earths of the Chesney are rented to Mr. Yver to the price of a quintal to the hectare, either: 450 francs.

June 30, 1945.

The portion of street understood between the crossroads of the Marette and the street of the church will carry the name of street Robert Connan henceforth.

Number of recorded inhabitants in 1936: 211.

July 28, 1945.

The Mayor exposes that he received the verbal suit of the audience of the Interdepartmental Prefecture Advice in date of June 22, 1945 rejecting the set down complaint by Gentleman Provendier and consort, aiming to the annulment of the municipal elections of April 29, 1945, and revalidé 35 bulletins of voting contested by the inimical part. This revalidation having modified the number of voice of the absolute majority (66 instead of 48). Him himself as follows that the election of Mr. Guyomard Paul is annulled. To the unanimity, the present members regret the departure of Mr. Guyomard.

Renault bequest: 4 recipients

Maclotaf Henri and Huguette Parmentier.

Benard Daniel and Neuvilly Christiane.

August 24, 1945.

The Consultant Municipal decides to make plant in public room a tree of the Liberation.

March 1st, 1946.

Reconstitution of the sappers fireman body that was not anymore in function since numerous years. Decision adopted to the unanimity.

The Township possesses a fire engine in perfect state of march, 200 meters of hoses, an extinguisher of 10 liters. Every fireman can be endowed of a helmet appropriated on the available share.

The Consultant Municipal commits to provide during 15 years to expenses of the service.

Mrs. Thivilliers abandons the concession N° 70 to the profit of the Township.

April 3, 1946.

Miss Lloyd Alma Estelle, without profession, resident in Los Angeles, (State of California), in residence to Pressagny the Orgueilleus, villa The Pommeraie makes donation between quick, definitive and irrevocable:

To the Township of Pressagny the proud, what is accepted provisionally for her, under reserve of the authorization of the authority concerned, by Mr. Gimonet Marcel, acting in quality of Mayor, of a sum of two millions of francs in cash that Miss Lloyd donor obliges herself/itself to pour between hands of Mr. the Conductor Municipal.

The Township will arrange a million, this in the goal mainly to restore ruins caused by the war to the local buildings, in particular to the school and besides this sum will also serve to the harnessing of a village hall and a town hall and competition of similar sum of a million, to the adoption of a damaged French Township that will be chosen by the Consultant Municipal of Pressagny the proud and adopted to the name of this last Township.

The adopted Township should use the sum to the construction of a class room, a town hall and all other local building. Projects will be submitted to deliberations of the Consultant Municipal of Pressagny the proud previously.

June 27, 1946.

As following the donation of a million, the Mayor gives knowledge of plans of harnessing of a local building.

A village hall to the site of the barn close to the school.

January 31, 1947.

The Mayor of Saint-Pierre-d'Autils protests against deposits of explosives of the Chouquet island coming of a barge stream at the time of the liberation.

Numerous gaits close to the competent services remained without result. The Consultant Municipal associates to the Mayor's protests of Saint-Pierre-d'Autils.

July 26, 1947.

Use of the donation of Miss Lloyd:

500 000 francs for the Township of Aubevoye for harnessing of a stadium.

The estimate of works for the harnessing of the village hall rises to 1 087 780 francs, susceptible of discount.

October 26, 1947.

Installation of a new Consultant Municipal.

Mr. Gimonet Marcel, elected Mayor by 10 voices against one.

Mrs. Neuvilly elected German Attached by 7 voices against 3 to Mr. Benard Louis and one to Mr. Jean Pouliquen..

December 23, 1947.

Miss Lloyd resides to the 40 street of Marzelle to Vernon. She/it rectifies his/her/its donation.

1)           a million for Pressagny the proud.

2)           500 000 francs for the Township of Aubevoye (land of sport).

3)           400 000 francs for the receipt and the lodging of American nationality kids with stipulation that this sum would be managed by a Committee of Patronage that will understand several members, which should name a treasurer.

4) 100 000 francs for the purchase of holdings for sappers firemen of Pressagny the proud and the balance, if there is of it, for the harnessing of a beach in the Township.

February 17, 1948.

The works of joinery for the harnessing of the village hall are achieved by Miss Parmentier that asks for a deposit.

March 17, 1948.

Visit of Mr. René Tomasini, Under Prefect of the Andelyses.

May 21, 1948.

Constitution of a Committee of the Youth Free-American of Pressagny the proud and of the Andelyses whose goal is to shelter the American students of the two sexes, of way to create ties of friendship with children of schools of Pressagny the proud and of the Andelyses. The 400 000 francs of Miss Lloyd are affected to the renting of buses, expense of insertions and all expenses inprévueses.

August 26, 1948

The Consultant Municipal considers that the lodging of the teacher, situated in the same school, do include neither no installation of drinking water nor cistern.

Agreement to shelter the teacher provisionally in the town hall.

November 19, 1948.

Presence of Mr. Tomasini.

Works for the room of celebrates them rise to the sum of 1 300 000 francs.

December 26, 1948.

Installation of a new Consultant Municipal composed of gentlemen and ladies: Besnard Louis, Small Henri, Duval Edmond, Neuvilly German, Legallais Emile, Pouliquen Jean, Mainguy Andrée, Lorailler Etienne, Dupré Georges, Dupuis Jean, Nephew Paul, this last being absent,,.

Mr. Dupuis Jean is elected Mayor by 6 voices against 4 to Mr. Legallais.

Mrs. Neuvilly Associate German.

The summary of deliberation notebooks stops provisionally here. Another file is in preparation for the end of the 20th century