The year 1813, on April 2, us undersigned GOUJOURNE Jean Baptist and FLAMICHON Jean - Baptist, corporal and policeman in Vernon's place of residence, together with ONE THOUSAND Eustache Jean Jacques and THE BRIDEGROOM(MARIA) THOMAS FRANÇOIS, the mayor and the assistant of the municipality of Pressagny the Arrogant, as well as the Mr. COCHET Louis, Simon, Christmas, forest warden taken up residence to Pressagny, guarantee that the above day, at about 8 o'clock in the morning, we put ourselves following tracks which were made(done) in the night of March 31 for the 1Er In April at about the 11 o'clock in the evening on attempts of flight(theft) or murder in the place of residence of the Mr. Jean Baptiste EUSTACHE , by five unknown persons.


Three appeared at the main entrance of the street and struck three punches in the aforementioned door. At the moment, one asked by three times : " Who are you, that you do want ? " They made(did) no answer. Two others were in the small door giving on him(it,her) behind, knocked in the same way, but a little more hardly. One made(did) the same demand. They answered nothing.


The Mr. Eustache father, going out of his house to go to see if a door which gives the garden was closed well, both persons who were in the other small back door, one pulled(fired) a gunshot the direction of which one does not know.


The Mr. Eustache (..) son(thread) rises in succession in the room(chamber) where there is a crossing which looks onto the street, opened her(it) quite immediately and began shouting to the thief. At the moment one pulled(fired) him(her) three gunshots. The aforementioned EUSTACHE riposted just like that of rifle on the three persons and he does not know if they were struck.


Having examined well, we saw well that the lead(shot) of their gunshots came to find accommodation in three or four thumbs of the crossing, by the middle of the left-hand side.

Then, they went to the place of residence of the Mr. WHIP Jacques Philippe and one pulled(fired) a gunshot by a crossing giving on him(it,her) behind. Had it to it(him) a stone floor(window-pane) of broken.

Then having examined in the room(chamber) where the blow had carried(worn), we very well saw that the lead(shot) found accommodation in the wall opposite, about in four feet of the bed where was slept WHIP CASIMIR SON(THREAD).

We followed tracks by where was supposed to be the aforementioned thieves or assassineurs and measured the places of feet with exactness and in succession we made to the place of residence of the named(appointed) THE MISTER ROMAN, Gervais, says DEMAUX , where we made(did) an ample search in all its buildings(ships).


We found only the shoes, which were corresponding to one of the measures.

We seized a whom was in the foot, which(whom) we put on several tracks *) feet where we had taken the measure. We noticed that the the aforementioned shoe was in accordance with the one that had made(done) the imprint.


After what, we went(surrendered) to the place of residence of named CHAUVET Pierre, Philippe (said DAD - RED), man enjoying a bad reputation and regular visitor (*) above where we made(did) search in all its apartments.

Our searches(researches) were fruitless.

We interrogated personally both children of the above THE BOSS, knowledge :

To the elder son: at what time went to bed your father On Monday, 29, On Tuesday, 30, On Wednesday , March 31 ?


Answer : it(he) went to bed every day of this week at about 8 o'clock.

The same demand was summit to the second son, he answered idem.


According to the information which we took at the Mr.& VICONTE's Pierre's, the innkeeper of this municipality, he declared us that on Monday , March 29, the named(appointed) THE BOSS stayed at him to drink until 11heure of the evening about, accompanied with DISOUD HORSE MERCHANT'S BROCHARD being left to TOURNY and the other one (of *) he stranger saying himself of LYON BIT.


According to the information which ourselves we got, us mandâmes Louis DUHAMEL, domestic at the Mr. DUVAL Jean living of this municipality, who declared us that on March 31 at about 6 o'clock in the evening, the elder son of the named(appointed) THE BOSS says him(her) that he killed sparrows.


The aforementioned DUHAMEL asked him(her), with what did it kill them?

He answered him(her) that it was with the rifle and the pistol that his(her) father had and that the aforementioned rifle resulted from his(her) aunt being left to the ANCOURT.


Of all whom(that) above we made(did) and drafted the present report to serve and cost.


In brackets being marked with an asterisk correspond to modifications of detail for a better understanding of the text.


Texts raised(found) and commented by Remy LEBRUN.