Pressagny' s City Council the Arrogant in its session of February 12, 1998 decided to attribute(award) " Voie Zamenhof's " name to a footpath which allows to enjoy a magnificent panorama on the valley of the Seine among Vernon and Gaillon. Since it(he) is registered on the cadastral plans.

Let us remind that the Pole Louis Lazare Zamenhof is the genius, initiator of the international language. Doctor ophtalmologist, it(he) was called: Doctor Esperanto.

Esperanto, been born in 1887 is a language of synthesis which allows to the men(people) of all the countries to communicate by the writing and the word. Easier to learn that no other language, it is the tool par excellence international relations. The rich literature is a consequentive security.

Esperanto has no vocation to replace the national or regional languages, on the contrary because of its(his) neutrality it supports the idioms and the minority dialects. " Every man should possess at least two languages: The mother tongue and Esperanto ".

The users of this language are numerous. They form the esperantophone community. A humanitarian spirit animates(stimulates) them and a brotherhood facilitates the exchanges and the international journeys.

Since 1905, every year they meet themselves in a congress which moves in the countries of the world. Only during both world wars these assemblings were not able to take place.

Pursued by the nationalist regimes, esperantophones paid(poured) a heavy human levy during these conflicts.

Or esperas ke vi kiu legas tiujn vortojn, baldał vi lernos the internacian lingvon Esperanto.  Translation:

We hope that you who read these words, soon you will learn the international language Esperanto.

For more information here are some addresses:

Esperanto France. 4 encore street of the Cherry orchard. 75004 Paris. ou

SAT-Amikaro. 67 Avenue Gambetta. 75020 Paris.

Universala Esperanto Asocio. Nieuwe Binnenweg 176 , NL-3015BJ Rotterdam. Low country