Gilbert Dreyfus says EGGLY



He/it died to Evreux April 28, 1998.

We learned his/her/its death May 15 whereas the bulletin was in progress of pull. A simple article of press has been published and has been displayed in shop windows of information.
Many pressécagnienses didn't know him, it is yet a face, one,
personality that marked years 6O-7O by his/her/its presence, his/her/its talent and his/her/its originality.
Been born in Havre, May 8, 1908 Of Abel Dreyfus and Jeanne Marie Pip-Malherbe his/her/its
wife, he/it was pleasing to recall his/her/its Norman aristocratic origins whose known roots went up to 1416, one of his/her/its ancestors would have been bailli of Rouen.
He/it was the pupil of the painters Paul Geissen and Antony Troncet.
He/it arrived to Pressagny toward I958 and got settled with Mr. and Mrs. Trumeau in a house of the street to Loons that jouxtait the present town hall, (school to this time). All this small world adored cats who swarmed in this sector. All naturally, they baptized their home «the Chatteraie».
Their home was deprived of water, and of sanitary; they surrendered at their neighbors
to extricate some necessary jugs to their toilet and their drink a simple hole
close to the door of entrance received the worn-out waters of the house; yet, in spite of the
bad odors, the house didn't lack any appeals. It was one of these old
houses typical of the old village to two habitable levels that could have become one
secondary residence with some amenities and fundings.
One entered to the chatteraie by a light gate in wood that opened on a yard in passageway, edged on the right by the school and on the left by a high wall of stone as there is some so much in the village. Passes the hole to litters covered of a melting lid, on the left penetrated a mossy stone staircase that drove to a beautiful vaulted cellar. On the right, leaning against the wall of the school, another staircase of stone brought up to the cave of the painter.
Die that one passed the door, one was choked by a strong odor of cat. Little by little one got used; cells olfactiveses letting room to pleasures of eyes. Walls of the shop were covered with pictures signed Eggly but also of œuvres bought in a period more pomp. An old bumpy armchair, stuffed of cushions, allowed the artist to take a rest while contemplating his/her/its last canvas exposed on the rack. To the bottom of the piece, a couch was installed for the nocturnal rest. Of a natural comely, the artist enjoyed an extended culture that one appreciated in his/her/its conversation.
Between staircases bringing up and descendant, an alley gave access to the ground floor occupied by the couple Pier.
It was a real slum where light only brought in by a small window, all was there dark humid and ruined; alone a modern cupboard in veneer of oak solved these darkness. To the bottom of the piece a baffle hid the bed. In this house all oozed the insalubrité. The characteristic odor of the cat, the shabby carpets and stained completed this impression.
The building yet had the charm, covered of tuilettes on a beautiful framework of oak, of walls in stone, a soil in tomettes to the floor. With a little money he/it was possible to make a coquette of it stays. Of money? his/her/its tenants didn't have some and his/her/its owner refused to invest, so that of year in year he degraded himself/itself.
Every summer, during one month, the painter borrowed the village hall to expose of it his/her/its works to the public, it installed a big panel on the side of the road (that was national to the time), then it waited to the shade for customers. He/it sold oils on canvas, painted to the knife, representing sides of Seine, some naked, of the various landscapes in the post-impressionist taste or the green and bruises were dominant. He/it also proposed linos engravings and some watercolorses. It was an animation to the cœur of the village to a time where there was some little.
Clever of his/her/its hands, it is he that taught me the technique to plant nails without
hammer in order to avoid to break windows of framings. To this end, a file permits to exercise a strong pressure without risking to get injured.
Capable also to repair canvases burst a rentoilage while doing; to copy some famous artists like Fragonard of which he/it had provided me a facsimile of «the swing».
Numerous are pressécagnienses to possess his/her/its ,ils works is not rare to see a «Eggly» trôner to the best room of their house.
In his/her/its young age, Eggly had begun studies of medicine. During the last war he/it had opened to Vernon kicks Ambroise Bully a boutique of products dietetics.
One can see his/her/its soiled sign again on a near wall of the college César Lemaître.
The finished hostilities he/it transferred his/her/its trade kicks Co Geneviève. Unfortunately,
as he/it even said it him, he/it was not administrative nor commercial. He/it decorated that he/it always served too good weight, Mrs. Trumeau helped him for the service. With this enterprise, he/it ate all his/her/its savings. It is ruined that he/it arrived to Pressagny.
Mr. Thenault, then responsible of the store Felix Potin, remembers: «Toward 1943
Eggly possessed a car to pedals that could also function to oil. He/it arrived that Mrs. Trumeau is obliged to push the vehicle. An eleven Citroën replaced this old tacot, but this new car, probably by reason of a short circuit burned on the Barette room. It is also during the war that his/her/its true name: Dreyfus was abandoned by reason of his/her/its Jewish consonance.»
«Ah! that I fell low» repeated him, probably remembering the period happy of his/her/its childhood in the Havre where he/it inhabited with his/her/its family a rich house on the boulevard François 1st. His/her/its father who traveled greatly would have made his/her/its child's knowledge whereas he already had one year had he confided to Mrs. Lucien Small.
In 1971 the all young Committee of feasts, presided by Bernard Feray, on occasion New Year's Eve parties ordered him of watercolorses representing sites of Pressagny that were sold to the profit of works of the association. So he/it was able to «to put a little butter in his/her/its spinaches».
To paint the nature, he/it loaded his/her/its material in an old Juvaquatre Renault, worn-out until the rope but that made the journey again until Vernon to make shoppings of feeding.
When we gave back him visit, Eggly fought to prevent his/her/its cats to leave: «he/it is going to run again and I won't see it during several days again» said him while speaking of the thick tomcat. It was necessary to make therefore very attention every time that one opened the door.
The character was generous, he made gift of one of his/her/its works gladly to the one or the one of which he appreciated the niceness.
He/it maintained good relations with his/her/its setting, here is what says Mr. Valat of it his/her/its immediate neighbor, teacher to the time.
«He/it had appeared me personally like an intelligent, cultivated, helpful being,
gladly susceptible and authoritative and a pessimistic trifle. I am not, on the other hand sufficiently competent to permit me to carry a judgment on the artistic value of the painter. I will limit myself to advance that (as far as I remember) he/it had rather proven out to be mediocre in the portrait, good enough to the level of them «dead natures» and often excellent in landscapes, notably with regard to them «marines». He/it is quite about an opinion personal.»
The six children of Mr. Valat enjoyed good relations with the artist and him
gave back menus services gladly.
His/her/its love for animals drove it to excesses. For example, he/it fed rats in his/her/its lodging while providing them bread and milk and he/it took pleasure in seeing to consume them.
I suppose that cats provided to the demographic balance of the hostile species.
In 1968, the adduction of water improved conditions of life in this dwelling. An outside faucet, close to the gate of entrance avoided the hindrance to depend on neighbors.
In the beginning of years 70 the painter didn't declare being suddenly a man but a woman «a mistake of declaration to the civil state at the time of my birth, and it is irreparable»
he/it specified... His/her/its voice sloughed toward the sharp, and it carried some feminine toilets. The most often he/it received in dress of room. He/it expressed himself/itself while insisting on adjectives to the feminine: «I am curious ...superstitieuse» etc...
Of this day one called him Mrs. Eggly, she/it signed Gilberte or later Jeanne-Marie
Eggly. For those that had known him before these changes, it was a difficult exercise that to adjust to this new deal.
Mr. and Mrs. Trumeau disappeared and the artist remained alone in this old
house that became dangerous for his/her/its occupante as for the neighborhood. The Consultant Municipal himself as worried. An expert was called to verify the solidity. His/her/its findings were categorical: «Danger for children of the school, risk of downfall, works to make to the earliest, perimeter of protection to install in the court of recreation. This court already tiny was even reduced. A decree of peril was taken by the mayor. The landlord had the business dragged while asking for one against appraisal. He/it refused to undertake some works that it is.
For grounds of security, the town hall asked for the rehousing of the painter in H.L.M.
In the beginning of the year 1974 she/it moved to the 1 Center of the Pottery to Vernon. In 1980, the vielle stays was cut down, the cellar was filled with stones of walls. Later, the town hall bought the few of land to enlarge the court of the school.
At the time of his/her/its departure of the Township, an official ceremony was organized to the village hall. The Under Prefect, the Counselor Général, the Consultant Municipal and the teacher
had honored him of their presence. The artist made grant to the Township of an oil on
framed canvas, representing the arm of Seine that separates the island of the Madeleine of the island,
Chouquet. This picture is always exposed on the hood of the chimney of the town hall secretariat. This same day, he/it offered to the church of Pressagny a head in stone of the XYLÈME century, presumed to represent Saint Martin boss of the parish, with bishop's miter. Eggly had found him in 1925 In the edible garden of the deputy Dufour (that resided in present house of Mrs. of Margerie 14 road of the Andelyses). This sculpture served to wedge a frame to maintain it ajar. Having found him beautiful he/it had asked for him to Mr. Dufour that had offered it to him. Considering that this works medieval belonged to the heritage of the church, he/it confided it to me so that I bring up it on a pedestal so that she/it recovers a room in the sanctuary that she/it should never have left.
Arrived to Vernon, Mrs. Eggly folded himself in his/her/its apartment, the pictorial art,
abandoned, cats rejected by reason of odors for the neighborhood. She/it yet continued to like animals. For lack of rats, she/it tempted to attract the good graces of cockroaches.
She/it observed them said her, when they came on his/her/its table to eat remainders of his/her/its meals. What had to arrive arrived, the apartment was invaded by a colony of these bugs that began to win the neighboring apartments. It was necessary to make intervene the departmental services of decontamination to eliminate all these bestioleses. Their cadavers were everywhere, in pieces of furniture, the domestic devices, behind pictures, baseboards etc...
Contrarily to his/her/its habits of Pressagny, she/it had no relation with his/her/its neighbors.
The word «witch» was engraved on the painting of his/her/its limps to letters. The television was his/her/its main opening on the world. Before giving back him visit, it was necessary to warn it otherwise she/it got angry.
His/her/its character degraded itself, his/her/its view lowered, it didn't preserve a relation that with his/her/its
physician, a woman of household and a few faithful pressécagnienses. It is to this time that she/it affirmed me that Mrs. Trumeau was his/her/its half sœur.
The last years of his/her/its life, she/it phoned his/her/its ancient friends to tell them his/her/its
despair. By reason of his/her/its blindness, she/it was not able to anything anymore to make. She/it composed his/her/its
telephone numbers of memory and while groping
April 27, 1998 she/it was transported to the hospital of Evreux where she/it died the following day. His/her/its remains rests to the cemetery of the Yew Park, district of the Madeleine to Evreux, in lands general N°S 1-7. On his/her/its tomb, a plate recalls his/her/its name, his/her/its dates of birth and death, the space is engazonné and very kept from what brought back us Mrs. Lucien Small that visited him to the month of July.
April 25, 1999, to celebrate the first birthday of his/her/its death, an exhibition,
public reassembled more than fifty of his/her/its works in a room of sport of The
Marette. Of oils on canvas, watercolorses, of engravings on lino, of drawings to the feather have been lent generously by préssécagnienses and also by collectors of the region. One of the most beautiful canvases even came, by railroad, elated by his/her/its owner, since the French Riviera. The Municipal Commission for Leisures and the Culture, helped by the Club of Leisures, initiators of this demonstration, added memories bound to the defunct artist.
Thus, his/her/its work survives him. Who knows so one day, Eggly
won't enjoy a posthumous celebrity. 
Rémy Lebrun.




The house of the painter now dejected.

Painting Jean Marie GALATAUD