Since the XVIe century, the bell of Pressagny - The proud made his/her/its work of bell conscientiously, all as top of the small church of the village , constructed against the wall of the castle . Every day, she/it sounded the angelus of the morning and the angelus courageously of in the evening, rhythmizing the life of villagers during centuries. She/it sounded joyously for baptisms and marriages.

She/it sounded the knell sadly for funerals. She/it chimed the Christmas feasts gloriously and of pâques. When a fire exploded to the village, day or night, it called of emergency all valid men to come to make the chain of water buckets to help firemen to extinguish fire that risked to devour beasts and harvest. In the beginning of August 1914, she/it sounded the tocsin tragically to announce the mobilization against the invader.

But one day, without that one knew reason very well, the old faithful bell let fall himself on the pavement of the bell-tower and cracked himself irreparably.
During several years it was therefore the silence. He/it missed something to baptisms, to marriages and the burying. The sun rose and was going to bed without not having his/her/its .On angelus could continue to live thus. People of villages began to make a quest.

II was necessary to a lot of times to collect an appropriate sum. But when one had found a smelter of bet bells meadows, this one exclaimed: with all this money, I can melt you two bells! .

The mayor, counselors, the vicar and parishioners stayed perplexed. Would the bell-tower be able to lodge two bells? One temporized, one took measures, and finally, one decided. After all, one trust to the idea to have two bells for only one village.
But, according to the most ancient traditions, a new bell must be baptized. It was necessary to look therefore for two godfathers and two godmothers. One chooses two of châtelaineses and one of lords.
For the second godfather, one noticed that he/it owed at less to have been born to the village and him to never have left. The cartwright blacksmith marshal shoing would make the business very well. Unbelieving if he/it was some, but so faithful to his/her/its village and so valued of all, that one could not hesitate. The blacksmith accepted, provided that one of bells carried the no of his/her/its unique girl, what appeared as concerning that natural.
It was necessary to buy a quantity of dragées again, and to make two dresses for the two bells. One chooses a large and magnificent lace, that had to serve then to decorate dawns of gentleman Vicars.
A big risk in the night. Indeed, some extremists of the village - - those of left, naturally - found scandalous that their friend blacksmith had accepted to be a godfather. What would their projects be during the night?
A small team constituted itself to bring up the care. The night was even beautiful in this month of September 1938. One told himself of histories. Toward midnight, one made himself a good coffee. One lay down on the herb to tower of role to take a rest a little. When the sun rose, each went in at home, conscious to have saved to bells a dangerous attempt.
There was crowd for the big Mass. Eminence The bishop had come, in person. One
sumptuous red armchair and gold had been brought of the castle to his/her/its intention. He/it made a beautiful homily that moved all helpers. He/it even spoke of war threats, while praying the Lord to separate them, and his/her/its final blessing spread on all believers and infidels.
A big lunch to the castle unites principals guests. And the unbelieving blacksmith was placed meadows of The bishop, what had never arrived him of his/her/its life. Him himself as didn't find more pain and the lunch was very happy.
During this time, his/her/its girl and some kids distributed in the village of dragéeses of the bell baptism.
One year later, alas! the second worldwide war exploded and the two bells sounded their first tocsin. The village was bombarded in 40 and in 44. The second time, bombs fell on the bell-tower that collapsed, but by miracle, deuses bells held good and didn't have the least crack. One recovered them intact to the middle of rubbles and, when one rebuilt the bell-tower, some years later, there was only to go up them to hear to sound the angelus of the morning all over again and of in the evening, the knell of deaths and the carillon of the living.
How many centuries will bells of Pressagny live?

The thickest door the name of .MARIE-MADELEINE.

Citizen Of honor of
Pressagny The proud