A.S.P.O section football  

The new millennium saw our BEGINNERS and CHICKS in the broadcast(emission,issue) TELEFOOT and I was anxious to remind that the children owe this magnificent day in H. RAT which led the club in a masterly fashion for more than twenty years and in B. MARSAN, honorary president.

I thank them in the name of all the players.

D. BENY frames(supervises) the young people on Wednesdays.

This last one is helped by Mr . MEKHELFI who also takes care to take the youngest children who this year sound engaged(opened) in championship.

It is E. BAUFREMEZ often helped by P.OZANNE our treasurer who take every week our young chicks on grounds in spite of a well loaded(charged) timetable.

The beginners are made cramps on around thirty trays in the year under the aegis of P. LEROY and myself.

Our seniors, pulled(entailed) by E. PIKORKI can again hope for the ascent in second division.

In brief, sportily the ASPO-FOOT goes well but lacks companion !!!!

The president V.BONTE

A.S.P.O section judo

This year still, the members are among 59 persons distributed in the following way.

Court 1 : ( 6 / 9ans ) 19 Members.  Court 2 : (10 years and more) 24 Members.  Court 3 : (Adults) 16 Members.

Our main objective remains to propose a physical activity adapted at any age, because it would seem that the children begin more and more early.

This craze of the young people for this sport which asks for the respect for the others, for the taste of the well made(done) work, as well as the mastery of is even , is our biggest satisfaction.

For the adults it remains a means of reshaping, exchange and conviviality.

Please , do not hesitate so any more to come. You too, to contribute to the development of the sport Pressecagnien.



A.S.P.O table tennis

Liliane and Pierre LAGRANPE created ASPO table tennis in 1984. After all these years dedicated to the animation and to the training of young person, " the high summits " of which some some reached(affected)  , they wished to take a well deserved rest. Thanks to both for their dedication with the young people and school.

You have between 7 and 77 years and you want to relax after workday or after the school … You would like to exchange some balls, from time to time with a friend, a friend or in family or with the new  "robot"  … That you practise the table tennis in leisure activities or in competition, you will be framed(supervised) by competent trainers and of good level … Then, please , come to join us.

Composition of the office(desk)

President : B. DELAFOSSE. Secretary : N. MARVIN. Treasurer : D. MALLARD. Trainers : G. HOSSU. J. SUZANNE.


A.S.P.O tennis

That's it. The lock yours good, and it in spite of the invasion, probably during an evening or one night, of an OVNI which managed fortunately only to damage the protection in tube of steel which protects the entrance(entry) of yard. Also, the new technology of opening of the door has of to leave them without voice(vote). But the members of the office(desk) hold check having good hope. We inform our pleasant(kind) invaders that the amount of the contributions did not change and that we shall accept soon the new intergalactic currency the EURO.

The section Tennis of the A.S.P.O. invites you to join its rows(ranks) and calls back(reminds) you the main condition to adhere to the club : Be a resident to Pressagny the Arrogant.



In spite of the very wet time of year 2000, Pressécagniens, very bravely continued to bloom(prosper) in front of their fences(closes) for the pleasure of the eyes of each of us. Our association appreciates this heat.

In the time or the egoism dominates, you demonstrate that one can look of his(its,her) time and of its money(silver) for the other people's opinion and the good to be of all. The jury of municipal competition is supposed to be in April for the spring notation and will be supposed to be in September for the summer notation. The pricegiving will take place in October.

The office(desk). President : C.GLEIZES. V.Présidente : M-P. MARSAN. Treasurer : J.CHALOPAIN. T.Adjointe : B.DUBOIS. Secretary : F.JOIGNANT. S.Adjointe : B.POULIQUEN.





First of all, one thank you in the public come enthusiasm very numerous to applaud our spectacle in September, 2000 " A Christmas(New Year's) Eve in the mountain of Yvon TABURET  " and the adaptation by our two young recruits of a sketch inspired by  " vampes " .

We recovered in the work and we prepare at present a comedy in 3 acts : " Appelle-I Dad ! " Of Jean - Christophe GRUAU.

The president. L.BARDIN.



Pressagny's hunting club the Arrogant compound of an office(desk), aims at regulating the density of the game, as well as the too numerous predators, and at making respect the law by his(her) nurse. Pressagny's hunting club makes assure(insure) the day nursery of its territory by a sworn particular nurse to please by the prefect whom(which) is asked an additional surveillance in condition foreseen by the article 5 of the status of the Local Unions of hunting.

The president :




Already !

What ! Already … I did not see the time passing. But what I am going to be able to write ? Ho ! ! ! What duty. Finally it is not so unpleasant to draft a word which all the people who live in the village are going to read. However, what to write ? Perpetual call to the people : The voluntary help is the future of the man, no volunteers = died from the atmosphere of the village etc., etc..

It is decided, this year, no word of the president of the events committee, just man schedules(programs) him(it) festivities 2001.

In March cuts trees. In May 13 Finds. 17/18 in June Celebrates of the village. 13/14 Holiday in the castle. In September 9 Exit(release) of the ancestors. In September 16 Exit(release) of the children. In October 10 Exit(release) of Ados. In November 25 Meal of the ancestors. In December 9 Christmas of the children. In January 5, 2002 Pancake of the village.



This year the general assembly was held on March 06, 2001 in the room of the marette, after the class(course) of gym, the only activity maintained by the Club of Leisure activities.

Composition of the office(desk).

B.DUBOIS : president. J.CHALOPIN : treasurer. Mr. Paule MARSAN : secretary.

N ous let us be happy of the always increasing attendance figures and let us thank our professor Hélène SOUFFLET for its dynamism and his cheerfulness.

There is not only the abdominal muscles(stomach exercises) which work but also zygomatiques and all this in music.

Courts opened to all and to all from 18 years.

Our gym, it is the interview(maintenance) of the body in the cheerfulness and according to the possibilities of each.