August 5, 1810.
The Mayor of Vernon requires the Mayor of Pressagny, to provide five hundred boots of good quality hay for the service of troops of His/her/its Majesty the emperor. To provide by way of call for the 7 of this month to Vernon.
In case of inexécution of the present requisition, the Mayor of Pressagny will be guarantor and responsible of events that would result some.
October 13, 1811.
The Mayor, Mr. Decaqueray resigns for reason of domicile change. He/it is replaced by Mr. Jean-Jacques Eustache, named by the Prefect.
February 27, 1812.
Report of flooring flight in a house no inhabited, making the corner of streets of the Marette and the path of Vernon to the Andelyses, belonging to Lady Roussel widow, resident in Paris.
The crossing was opened, without broken tile. On the three bars of iron that were placed to defend the entrance of it, two have been broken by a tip and have been pulled in the plaster by the other tip.
Between 86 and 100 feet of flooring disappeared, the all as wood of different length fir, having served to what he/it appears for alcove, shelves and something else similar. A blue color paper was glued over.
In spite of searches, delinquents are not recovered.
5 March 1812
By before us mayor of the Township is appeared the Eustaches sieurses, André, my brother, aged of fifteen years, five months and Whip aged Casimir of sixteen years, nine months, all two resident in this Township. They declared us that cejourd'hui, toward the four hours in the morning, being lain down together in a small adjacent room to the kitchen of the sieur of the Room that had asked them to keep his/her/its house situated in this Township, street of the Marette, of which he/it was absent since several months and his/her/its wife since March 1st.
Eustache aforesaid had seen two men to cross the court and to go of the side of the house separated of the kitchen, armed each of two guns that they held in hand. The two individuals not having probably been able to force the door of the house that was closed had come well to present itself/themselves to the window of the small room where they, Eustache and Whip were lain down. Eustache, only awake could have distinguished to the clear of the moon that the two individuals had the blotched face of black and the old red wool caps on the head.
A measured a meter more or less 759 millimeters and the other a meter 523 millimeters. Having put their guns on the shelf of the crossing, they put themselves in succession to undo the lute of tiles to enter in the room.
Biggest having given a punch to the tile of in stocking that fell on the shelf. To this noise, Whip awakened, Eustache took his/her/its rifle that he had brought with him, charged him and shot the two thieves that his/her/its rifle missed. To this noise, thieves grabbed their guns. Him, having seen it took down the bed expeditiously and having armed his/her/its rifle again, he/it had extricated a second time on them that riposted at the same time while unloading two loaded guns with the small lead of which three grains crumpled him the left shoulder and the remainder went to lodge itself/themselves in the plaster close to the head of the bed.
During this struggle, Whip his/her/its friend of bed had been held lying in order to not to be wounded, in short, he had reloaded his/her/its weapon expeditiously, had approached the window and had heard one of them to tell the other, to low voice,: Don't you bring up? Do you have some-thing, are you injured? That then he/it had pulled on thieves through the window that they had just left to go of the side of the door of the street to run away.
After the reading of the susdite declaration, we transported ourselves on places; decorated of the distinctive mark that assigns us the law, come with of the sieurses Cockerel, Simon,Noël, forest ranger, and Benard Gabriel, cooper all two resident in this Township. We noted the restrained fact truth in icelle declaration. We proceeded to ampler researches then to ends to arrive to discover delinquents: their traces, the wadding of guns and something else similar. These researches were useless, he/it was only found by the sieur Peg, Jean-Baptist, neighbor of this house, in the same place where was thieves when they unloaded their guns, a chewed bullet preserved by us Mayor of the Township.
April 25, 1812.
The mayor following the decree of His/her/its Majesty in date of March 24 came with people designated by the article 3 of the decree of Mr. the Prefect. He/it addresses to the President of the Beneficence Committee, a letter to demonstrate the impossibility to find someone in state to make and to supervise the confection and the distribution of the 37 soups granted by the Committee of Beneficence of the canton. He/it misses a local, a furnace and of vegetables.
Seen the article 15 of the decree of His/her/its Majesty that permits if there is impossibility of them (?) to convert in of other as useful, healthy and economic food species.
Seen the proximity of Vernon to procure itself/themselves of the munition bread to a reasonable price as it exercises itself in several townships, we ask to Mr. the President of the Beneficence Committee, to allow us to follow this march in order to relieve poor wretches that the hunger mines dully since several weeks.
May 2, 1812
By reason of multiplied complaints, nearly addressed everyday, of offenses clerk on properties of individuals:
Seen the pointlessness to threaten and to reprimand,
Seen that he/it doesn't remain more of other means to preserve the harvest to come that to use the repressive strength,
The Advice, considering that complaints are founded well, stop what follows:
Is opinion that the Under Prefect of the Andelyses was asked to name in the briefest time limit a rustic guard that by his/her/its vigilance, his/her/its impartiality would repress all these abuses.
May 5, 1812
The Under Prefecture doesn't detain seeds of beets, consequently the contingent of 75 areses of land can be sowed. Effect of the continental blockade imposed by the Big Brittany to weaken the empire .
May 14, 1812.
The domestic animals eat cereals in herb what makes a considerable harm.
The grazing of sheep, too frequent on the lawn of the Chesney and the long of the river of Seine, deprive all individuals of the Township that only have these places for alone resource for their beastly, especially during the time where grazing in the forest is prohibited.
Stopped restricting possibilities of grazing:
VI article. The trail that is formed between paths of the Career and the one of the Enclosed-Firons is defended.
VIII article. The trail that reigns in the Swamp, the long of coast grapevines, is preserved.

Raised of some numbers of the budget of 1812.
Lodging of the school master 15 francs
Treatment of the Prefect 3, 28 francs,
Hundredth for invalids 1, 58 francs,
Treatment of the drum 15 francs
Treatment of the school master 15 francs
Replacement of a skin of the drum 8 francs
Bookbinding for 16 years of state register civil 6 francs
Total of the budget 185, 98 francs,
July 9, 1812
Ryes are cut before their maturity. We have owe it to fix the time of it. The harvest of ryes won't be able to open ...avant the 15 of the present month.
February 1st, 1813
A lot of Townships, in all the extent of the empire gave a proof of attachment already to the person of His/her/its Majesty the emperor and King while offering the brought up riders and equipped to repulse enemies of France.
Townships of the Ecos canton, wanting to also give a proof no ambiguous of their devotion to their ruler, hasten to make everything that they are able to offer him brought up four riders at the moment and equipped.
The canton has been divided in four sections of an equal population, what makes a rider for each of them. A sum of thousand five hundred francs, presumed necessary for every rider has been distributed in Townships that compose the section to proportion of their population, what makes for the Township of Pressagny adds it of 293,02 francs.
I like to believe that all inhabitants of this Township won't be the last to prove to the august chief of the empire, how much they are devoted him.
Considering that it is just as all gets ready for a general peace that one must hasten to give the new proofs of attachment to the homeland and the person of His/her/its Majesty.
Follow means of perception.
March 14, 1813
By act passed before Me Lavoisier, notary to Vernon, we learn that Jacques of Orleans was a wine grower to Pressagny. Simon Louis was also a wine grower. Nicolas Parmentier was a cartwright, Pierre Bourdon was a wine grower. All were interdependent debtors of a pension of 10,87Fr. towards Mr. François Guerin of Etoquigny, Knight of the empire, General cavalry, one of Commanders of the honor Legion, staying to Pressagny with his/her/its wife been born of Becquin of Susemont
March 7 and 21, 1813.
Flight of trees and a ladder recovered dear the Chauvet sieur, said Red Dad. This last seems disconcerted by the investigation.
Text published in the bulletin municipal N° 17 (1998)
March 17, 1813
Letter of Mr. Cabot, collector of contributions to N.D. of the Isle to Mr. Cochet, forest ranger to Pressagny the proud.
I am instructed by reality that my piece of wheat méteil containing 40 perches, suited to the triége of Deserts, is eaten entirely by your rabbits. You must feel how much he/it is unhappy to lose to the less thirty bushels of wheat and the straw. I warn you, all friends whom we are, if you don't withdraw your rabbits, I leave to carry pitied, not only to Mr. the Prefect but also to his/her/its Excellence, the Big Veneur to give back of it to you responsible. The intention of the government is not only by the fantasy of guards, to preserve the game, to squander the riparian properties of forests. Make attention because I won't miss to make my complaint.
I greet you Signed Cur.
The Consultant Municipal, given back there, note that wheat didn't raise again and that it is eaten not at all
April 2, 1813.
Description very interesting and vivid of a tentative of flight and murder published in the bulletin municipal N° 17 (1998).
April 21, 1813
The Gruel sieur, Guillaume, Henry, farmer of the passage of Seine declared that the adjudicataire of ferries and boats, staying in the Township of Herqueville, put back him a flette to serve to the passage of Seine. He/it required us to make the visit of it. We found that she/it had 26 feet of length on 6 feet and 8 inches of width and 2 feet and 7 inches of height.
May 4, 1813.
Denunciation of a murder desire against the mayor's person, Jean-Jacques Eustache, by a woman, wife of named it Lemaître (says Denaux).
May 25, 1813.
I give you opinion, Mr. the Mayor, that by decree given back to Saint Cloud last July 3; His/her/its Majesty permitted to say the Mass in the dependent chapel of the dwelling of Mr. of Brémond, inspector to magazines, to the hamlet of the Madeleine on your Township.
The Under Prefect Larochefoucault with feature.
to Andelys September 8, 1811.

Decision of His/her/its Excellence, Mr. the Minister of Finances who allows inhabitants of Pressagny to extract the clay for constructions of their buildings.
Extraction in the forest of Vernon, to load by them to fill and to level their excavations.
Excerpts of the notebook of February deliberations to April 1814, published in the municipal bulletin demonstrate aftermaths of the Countryside of France that followed the retirement of Russia. Wind turned, the emperor folds himself with a tired army that doesn't arrive to prevent the invasion of France in spite of victories of Montmirail, Montereaus and Champauberts. Pressagny welcomes injured of these fights and participle to the upkeep of that that he remains of the Big Army
To see texts published in the Bulletin Municipal N° 14. (1995).

February 14, 1814.
The Township must provide one thousand boots of hay to 10 ls of the present month at 10 o'clock in the morning to the store of the town hall of Vernon for the subsistence of horses of the 15th regiment of hussars so much in garrison that passer-by by this city.
The Mayor exposes that inhabitants, in spite of their good will, can not provide such a quantity, seen that they don't even have enough of them for them for the subsistence of their beastly to win the next harvest.
The deputy of Vernon reduced to 600 boots but requires an immediate delivery.
Deliveries will be done February 16-17 and 18.

May 14, 1814.
The Consultant Municipal, consistently to rights of use for grazings in the royal forest of Vernon of which inhabitants of the Township have right.
Have to this effect named the Philippe sieur, Pierre, Louis, daily resident to says it place of Pressagny, guard shepherd of beasts to horns of users of this same Common.
Will be held to drive the beastly daily in the forest in cantons granted by Gentlemen the forest administrators and to keep them with care so that they commit no damage.
Let's grant for treatment: 2 soils, 6 denierses by cow and per month that will be paid him by every user having right to grazing.
September 14, 1814
Declaration of the mayor of Pressagny the proud to inhabitants of the Township:
Gentlemen, an infectious illness of a very troubling character causes his/her/its devastations since some days on beasts to horns of the hamlet of neighboring Vernonnet of this Township. Consequently, I stop what follows:
1) interdiction to pass by Vernonnet with animals.
2) obligatory certificate to bring in a beast in the Township.
3) not to drive to the grazing beyond of the castle of the Madeleine.
4) not to take out beasts before the dew is dissipated.

The same day, the mayor takes another decree:
To the approach of vintages, interdiction to let run in grapevines dogs and hens. This in order to avoid damages

October 9, 1814
Benefit of fidelity vows to the king Louis XVIII by members of the Consultant Municipal and the rustic guard.
End of the year 1814
The Consultant Municipal decides the cessation of functions of the rustic guard to unload inhabitants of Pressagny of tax die the beginning of 1815. They are in the distress by lacks of harvest since several years.
Seen that complaints are founded: Noblet will quit his/her/its functions from January 1st, 1815
January 23, 1815.
The mayor addresses a letter to the Under Prefect to announce to him that consistently to instructions of His/her/its Majesty Louis XVIII, a lugubrious expiatory ceremony took place and that the vicar and the mayor gave him all the gravity and the important solemnity that means of our church permitted.
February 14, 1815
Stopped of the Consultant Municipal concerning the mark of all existing bovines in the Township.
Cows 122
Heifers 21
Valleys... .9
Total: 152
35 owners only possess a cow
27 possess two beasts
12 possess three beasts
2 possess four beasts
1 possesses five beasts
1 possesses six beasts
1 possesses eight beasts (6 cows and 2 veals).
79 owners possessed 152 bovines. If one adds of it troops of sheep, pigs and poultries, does one imagine the necessary food quantity to feed them?
March 28, 1815
Verbal suit of visit by a man's mayor found murdered on the road close to the Madeleine
he/it is about of Mr. of Bite. An article of Mr. André Goudeau very well documented relates this accident in a Democratic of the spring 2000.
May 24, 1815
In the copy of verbal suit of fire of a heap of wood and a small building, he/it is question of a land belonging to the widowed Décorchemont.
One knows that the lineage of the Décorchemonts of where is descended of father in son the famous sculptors and the no less famous master glassmaker is original of Pressagny the proud and of vicinities.
The Marie-Joseph sculptor was born to Pressagny May 15, 1830. One must him the restoration of the Anet castle, of churches of Bernay, the Neubourg and Evreux.
The sculptor Louis-Emile was born to Saint Pierre Of autils,le 11 July 1851. One mentions among his/her/its better works: Young martyr (1877), An offering to Flap (1882) and the statue of the colonel Langlois (1885).
When to the main glassmaker, François-Emile, he/it was born to Conches in Ouche May 26, 1880. he/it achieved many objects of art in dough of colorful glass. One can admire in the town hall of Vernon a stained glass window signed by him. He/it is the big staircase above. His/her/its œuvreses are exposed in museums of the whole world.
(Dictionary of painters and sculptors. E. Bénézit)
The Friday 28 July 1815.
Raised on the Township of 400 boots of 10 book hay, a fat cow and a half muid of wine for the foreign troop subsistence (English).
This levee makes himself cash by the fundamental contribution and mobilière.
September 10, 1815.
Hundred taxpayers are counted to Pressagny the proud.
The mayor takes a decree forbidding cabaretierses:
To hold their open houses during the time of offices, Sundays and feasts
To deliver drinks to drinkers of the country after eight hours of in the evening to date of September 20.
In case of ticket, the fine won't be able to exceed five francs.
September 22, 1815.
New requisition for the English troops.
1 hectoliter of wheat, pure wheat.
8 hertolitreses of oat well winnowed
60 boots of 13 book hay.
The Township producing neither wheat nor oat, the necessary sums to the purchase of these commodities will be regained by the collector.

Ten eight English hussars of the 2nd regiment and twenty horses have been lodged in this Township of August 3 to October 10.
In the night of the 15 to October 16, two hundred Prussian soldieries have been lodged in this Township.
In the night of the 19 to October 20, two hundred Prussian soldieries (infantry) have been lodged in this Township, component the 4th company, 1st battalion, 2nd regiment of Landevert of the Prussia Oriental.
October 30, 1815.
The mayor's decree forbids all people to sing, to shout, to make the noise after six hours of in the evening from November 1st.
January 5, 1816.
Passage of the sweep that declares a chimney out of state to serve and a needing repairs.
January 22, 1816.
Letter of the mayor to Mr. the Under Prefect to give account of the lugubrious expiatory ceremony that took place for His/her/its Majesty Louis XVI. (23rd birthday of his/her/its death January 21).
March 7, 1816
Stopped for the clothing and the national guard arming.
May 15, 1816
Stopped of the Consultant Municipal who decides to only use one rustic guard for Our Lady of the Isle and Pressagny the proud. (He/it will lend vow June 21, 1816).
Considering that soil is little advantageous and seen the lack of harvest since several years, the Township is exhausted.
He/it commits himself/itself of abuses by the no owners that cut herbs in islands. The Consultant Municipal takes a decree forbidding to go in islands without authorization of the mayor or the deputy.
June 24, 1816
Receipt concerning the deposit of a judgment for grazing in the forest of Vernon, validated by S.A.S. Mrs. the Duchess dowager of Orleans.
August 17, 1816.
The mayor, deputy and municipal counselors of the Township, after having taken knowledge of your letter, Mr. the Under Prefect, who advises inhabitants of the Township to make sacrifice of the sum of 345 francs for the repair of the road on the territory of Vézillon makes you know that:
1) since four years, harvest of wine were more or less hopeless and that this one doesn't promise to be more advantageous, what puts a big number of inhabitants out of state to procure itself/themselves foods of first necessity to life.
2) the Township began this year to repair to his/her/its expenses 50 heights to the path of the navigation, what will cost to the less 600 francs. Thus, Mr., you see of after these observations that there is not any bad will on behalf of inhabitants as well as us
September 18, 1816.
Stopped of the mayor obliging individuals to shut in their dogs and their hens until the harvest.
September 18, 1816.
State of Townships provided of rectory.
Value: 2000 francs, extent of the garden,: 8 perches. Product presumed of the garden: 10 francs. Expense of upkeep: 3 francs.
He/it has been exchanged against the vestry that gave in the enclosure of the castle.
September 29, 1816.
Verbal suit relating the flight of 33 boots of hay.
October 23, 1816.
The census of the population reveals a population of 430 souls lodging in 104 houses. 16 other houses are not lived. The castle of the Madeleine is supposed to belong to the Township.
November 7, 1816.
Verification of weights and measures of tradesmen of the Township.
May 11, 1817.
The Consultant Municipal takes a decree concerning repairs to make on the path of the navigation to the stocking of the Bourdé alley.
Chauvet and Benards will transport each three tombereauxes of stones and will give back the own harbor to the navigation.

May 28, 1817.
Mr. of Brémond, owner of The Madeleine declares that some insulting sentences have been written on the harbor of help that gives on the road of Vernon to the Andelyses. The vigil, already enrollments had been erased by the Barat sieur, Charles Louis, master of school that while passing itself/themselves as was seen. He/it had not warned the landlord. Sentences were drawn to the chalk, of a very legible manner, in very thick characters and were formed well, giving to think that one had taken the necessary time and the hour of the middle of the day appears have been chosen for it. One can not suspect the author of the offense, not knowing the writing top in letters taken a cast of for the name of the King and the XVIII number in Roman characters.
The harbor of help was probably to the Mouth Manons since it is the only that was near of the road and the castle of The Madeleine. The author of the offense had to be a disappointed republican by a monarch's return to the head of the country.
August 1st, 1817.
The middle boat of the passage of Pressagny is out of state to continue the service. There would be danger for the public safety of himself as to serve a long time in the state where he/it is. We recognized that his/her/its value didn't permit any new repairs; consequently, we forbade his/her/its service.
If there was a middle boat that is that there was also a big of it and a petit.Le passage represented an important activity in the village.
August 10, 1817.
The glanage is only allowed inhabitants of the Township, paupers, old or infirm and to their children. He/it is prohibited in lands closed of walls or hedges, in the open fields before to either raise it after lying down it of the sun and before the whole abduction of sheaves.
The family of Seguin gets settled to Pressagny, coming from Tosny.
She/it moves in in the big common home of the church that we call today the castle of the village.
October 5, 1817.
Report of board flight belonging to the Thumette sieur, new inhabitant of Pressagny, coming from Paris.
The rustic guard raises a verbal suit of cult police against individuals playing on room during the ceremony of vespers.
No dated.
Noyade of Marie-Madeleine Whip, to the locality The Madeleine, in presence of The Haberdasher, owner in the Township, boatman having the habit to pass cows in islands. His/her/its cadaver has not been recovered.
March 23, 1818.
Construction of a wall, on the ancient foundations of the wall of the cemetery by Mr. the Knight of Seguin, to his/her/its expenses, without pretension to the property of this wall.
To this time the cemetery was on the room of the church.
May 4, 1818.
A voluntary subscription for the repair of the church and the bell-tower brought back the sum of 222,79 francs. 67 people subscribed. March 21, 1819, the Consultant Municipal adds of it a sum of 100 F. that had remained without use.

January 7, 1819.
The path of the navigation to need of repairs to the harbor of Saint Martin (in stocking of the street to loons) ruts should be filled on 30 meters.
September 5, 1819.
Pierre Vicomte, aged of 18 years drowns himself while bathing itself/themselves.
January 21, 1820.
Pierre Gruet declares to have fished 4 pieces of woods équarris, which appeared have been used to the fabrication of bridges and pulled by the strength of ice
December 9, 1821.
A car harnessed of two horses, belonging to Mr. Prévost, farmer to Guiseniers, coming from Vernon, has to the hamlet The Mouth Manons, provoked an accident.
The damsel Benard who had gone up on his/her/its ass with the Langlois girl, girl of the gardener of The Madeleine, didn't have the time to arrange itself/themselves the long of the bank.
The damsel Benard remained to the bed thereafter of this accident. The ass on whom it had gone up remained limping, a wheel passed on it what is going to require to make treat it by an artist.
September 8, 1823.
Of the foreign, unknown workers, work on the path of hauling between Fournaux and the harbor of passage. The path is dug and widened, without plan decree, hedges of enclosures are destroyed. The pursued exam until the limit Our Lady of the Isle permitted to note the reversing of the bank close to the harbor of the Douveses of Saint Martin. (To the stocking of the street to Loons).
The path had yet been redoes to nine there are 4 years.
Work has been done without plan, without authorization and to judge it of the work driver!
October 27, 1826.
The Consultant Municipal decides to buy the rectory for the sum of 3000 Frs. in order to lodge the master of school. The Township will impose itself exceptionally to acquit the price of this building.
Mr. The François, geometer to Heubécourt already raised the plan of the rectory and the vicariat.
Finally the cost will be 3800 Frs. .payable in 4 annuities.
The same day, Mr. of Seguin, (that was names mayor of the Township April 4, 1820) gives out a petition to change a portion of path or street of the village of Pressagny that border his/her/its walls, makes various curliness and be too resséré on two different points.
In exchange, he/it would abandon a land that would serve to establish a new right path on a length of 5,32 meters.
The present wall of the cemetery will remain exclusive property of the Township.
He/it is probably about the path that will become the street of the Enclosed of the Aître.
October 8, 1828.
He/it is question of a starch establishment in the Township.

October 15, 1829.
The cross said Red Cross needs repairs. The evaluation of the work cost rises to 68 Francs. To do this work, a half good quarry stone height, a muids of lime and the sand for his/her/its use, 20 square stone feet sawed on one hand, 2 staples in iron and sulfur for sealings will be necessary.
The exam of conformity is provided August 18, 1832

March 25, 1833
The Consultant Municipal: seen the remoteness of the canton chief-place that is to more than 3 miles while the Township of Tourny is to a least distance of 2 miles.
For this motive based on the public interest, the Advice votes so that the chief-place is transferred of Ecos to Tourny.
May 5, 1833.
Suit verbal comedy of a fathead flight to Corville.
May 7, 1833
The Consultant Municipal stops that the extraction of sand on the so-called lawn of the Chesney will be able to take place to the price of 1 Fr. the tombereau harnessed of 2 horses.
No extraction won't take place that after having warned the mayor, the deputy or the rustic guard. One won't be able to extract some without being provided of a permit that will specify the hour of the departure and the quantity of tombereaux to remove and nor before nor after raising it or to lie down it of the sun.
May 8, 1832.
The Consultant Municipal wanting to dedicate the memory of kindness that Mr. Casimir Delavigne made to the Township by his/her/its intercession close to His/her/its Majesty the King and the Queen of French and those that he doesn't stop making everyday. The Advice decided unanimously that it will be made mention of it to the register of deliberations to serve title to the political recognition and to transmit to the posterity the name of a benefactor of the country.
August 8, 1832.
A decree is taken for the grazing of sheep and cows on the so-called lawn of the Chesney. He/it is there question of the earth piece of Mr. of Seguin, so-called The Baquette. A right line falling to the half of the path that leaves of cavée Hammers and tomb in the big road to the hamlet The Valsatses. One can think that cavée Hammers are called today: Valley Mason or Valley Butterfly.
May 28, 1833.
The king made a grant of 500 Frs. to the profit of paupers of the Township.
June 30, 1833.
There are 12 armed national guards each of a rifle has Pressagny the proud.
August 5, 1833.
Survey of an estimate of repair of the church, especially for the framework.
October 27, 1834.
The plan with the tracing of the road departmental N° 7 of Vernon to the Andelyses is put down to the town hall. He/it is approved the 30 seen November 1834 that interests of the Township are not injured
December 9, 1834.
The teacher doesn't give satisfaction. The Township refuses to make award it the local teacher patent.
The Consultant Municipal looks for a candidate to replace it.
December 29, 1834.
32 paupers are counted in the Township.
March 20, 1835.
He/it is question of the élagage of elms of the martyrdom. On a postcard of the beginning of the 20th century, elms framed the martyrdom of the Red Cross again. They didn't wait for the illness of this gas to disappear the landscape to the profit of an oak and a bouquet of robiniers.
March 25, 1836.
Project of construction of a school and a room of town hall on the site of the ancient house belonging to the Township.
February 8, 1837.
Some fraudulent leases have been recorded in view of the new voter enrollment on the electoral list. The Consultant Municipal denounces smugglers.
February 9, 1837.
A set down verbal suit to Gentleman Casimir and German Delavigne asking for the reopening of the path to the Madeleine, classified byway and carried such how on the state of paths of the Township.
Answer: This path is classified unduly by the Consultant Municipal. He/it never had an exit on the big road of Vernon to the Andelyses. The Township never enjoyed some and so some owners passed there, it is only after having gotten the special permission of it. The proof is provided some by act notarié.
This answer is recognized how valid by the Consultant Municipal September 28, 1837.
October 30, 1837.
The Township decides to impose itself/themselves for the sum of 4000 Frs. for the construction of a school and a town hall, payable in 5 years.
December 12, 1837.
Stopped of alignment on the byway paths. The general plans of local and departmental way alignment seem have been taken to this time. He/it is again in force in the beginning the 21st century for the departmental landfill.
February 6, 1838.
Local land renting to individuals.
40 shares of 25 perches, limited are put to the disposition of farmers to 2 Frs. or 2,50Fr. per years for 18 years.
38 shares of 12 areses and 76 centiareses = 48 488 square meters.
1 share of 10 areses and 54 centiareses = 1 054 square meters.
1 share of 11 areses and 20 centiareses = 1 120 square meters.
Total: 50 662 square meters.
This surface seems to correspond to the occupied triangle today by the plot of the Chesney. The land is flat and had to agree for the labour.
The remainder, Seine side, is reserved to the pasture of cows. This zone understands lands today occupied by the castle of the chesney and those that overhang the Seine until the park of the Madeleine.
On the left of the road of Vernon the land is reserved to the pasture of sheep. It is the space situated between the forest and the departmental road facing the plot of the Chesney.
The 41 owners of the 90 cows and the landlord of the 104 sheep payents to the Township add it that gives them the right to grazing on the local lands.
July 22, 1842.
The church needs repairs. The Township makes call with the help of the Prefect by reason of debts for the house of school constructed in 1840.
August 9, 1842.
9 pupils are admitted to the school free.
May 3, 1843.
Opening of a subscription that brings back 1020 Frs. to repair the church.
The estimate rises to 6397 Frs.
The fresh Township only of 4114 Frs.
Remain to cover: 2283 Frs.
Subsidy of the department: 650 Frs.
Remain to cover again: 1633 Frs.
It is necessary to make call with the help of the clergy.
The adjudication of works is accepted with a discount of 22,10% what brings back the global price of 6397 Frs. to 4983 Frs. either a reduction of 1414 Frs.
May 19, 1843.
A project of creation in the Township of Ecos, chief-place of canton, of a market the Thursday and of two fairs, June 25 and December 1st.
The Consultant Municipal doesn't see of it no inconvenience.
April 7, 1844.
Payment of the master by pupils of the primary school.
Pupils beginning will pay for 50 cents per month.
Pupils beginning to read 75 cents
Those in state to write 1 Fr.
7 pupils are admitted free
4 will pay for a half right.
November 10, 1844
Mr. of Seguin (ancient mayor) makes a grant of 300 francs for the decoration of the main altar and the altar of the Virgin Saint of the church under condition that one concedes him the permission to open a door of the side of his/her/its property on the right under the third crossing. The opening would have a meter of large and two meters fifteen of top, garnished of a door in oak with a good lock. The masonry will be made in stone of size, to expenses of Mr. of Seguin, which will enjoy some so much with his/her/its family that they will possess the castle of Pressagny.
The Consultant Municipal gives his/her/its agreement, under the explicit condition that the day where the castle won't be anymore the property of the family of Seguin, the concession would be extinguished of full right. The Township could make wall the door without no formality.
February 6, 1845.
Reaches having been carried against rights of use of inhabitants of Pressagny in the forest of Vernon, making consider as of simple temporary and revocable tolerances, only granted to paupers.
The Consultant Municipal takes measures so that rights of use as: To send to graze of the beastly, to take of wood dry and green recumbent figure, as willows, marsaulx, alders, brooms, juniper, thorn etc... He/it asks that these rights are re-established to the amicable while presenting texts, or submissive to the advice of the prefecture.
Following pages.
A judicial demand, one memory has been put down. Consultations have been taken. A judgment by defect has been given back against the Common users of which it compromises rights.
The Consultant Municipal takes a decree
1) to approve the deliberation of February 6, 1845
2) to form some judicial pursuits, even in Court of call against the already given back judgment.
December 10, 1846 is put back to Mr. the Under Prefect, 60 necessary pieces to the judgment.
The Consultant Municipal insists so that a solution is found to this problem.
March 29, 1846.
The administration of stations proposes the uniting of our Township in Dead Harbor office.
The Consultant Municipal prefers to remain reattached to Vernon seen proximity.
June 7, 1846.
The vestry is pourrissante because below the level of lands of the cemetery. He/it is necessary to repair it and to raise the level, to open a crossing to the noon and the other of the side of Mr. of Seguin, what will give back the drier place and aired more.
Estimate 913 Frs. Price of adjudication 712 Frs. Either a discount of 201 Frs.
November 4, 1847.
The Township of Pressagny having been designated for the extraction of sand stones and gravels,
The Advice decides that the good earth should be removed and stake of side to be, after the extraction, extent on the searched part so that the land can be put back in culture.
The excavation won't be able to exceed 2 meters of depth.
THE Township will receive an indemnity of 14 Frs. by exploited are.
February 2, 1848.
Mr. Pierre Viel is accepted to the station of teacher of the Township in replacement of Mr. Barat Pierre Charles that becomes private teacher.

April 9, 1848.
A temporary commission replaces the Consultant Municipal. She/it is composed of Jean-Jacques Lemercier, Pierre Bouquet and Jean-Louis Guillaume while waiting for elections foreseen for the month of August.
August 15, 1848.
Mr. Perrier is elected to functions of Mayor of Pressagny the proud.
The second republic having been proclaimed, this new mayor, owner of the castle of the Madeleine is elected whereas all his/her/its predecessors since the first Empire had been named.
September 15, 1848.
The biggest part of the big path of Vernon to the Andelyses has been usurped by residents. Is he/it about the alley François 1st? Consequently, this path will be surveyed, valued and sold according to prescriptions of a circular.

21 children are admitted to the public school free in so much that paupers. They are only 18 to the month of November and 12 to the month of May 1849.
The school is frequented by 40 pupils in winter and 20 in summer.
February 28, 1850.
Mr. Thomas, teacher to Saint Martin of the Lime is named teacher to Pressagny in replacement of Mr. Barat.
1300 tiles are provided by Mr. Toutain of Wood Jérôme, for the local building repair. It is necessary to add 3500 there another one for the rectory (against remuneration).
He/it is to note that Mrs. Toutain that is schoolmistress since 1975 to Pressagny married a descendant of this Toutain of Wood Jérôme since he declares that his/her/its family lives since one immemorial time in this village.
February 6, 1852.
Some important repairs are to make the church inside. Altars are in a state of deterioration that requires expeditious repairs. Benches are in such a state of vétusté that they need to be replaced. The Advice of Factory (group of clerks or laïcses that stays up to the administration of church possessions) doesn't have any sufficient returns to face these expenses.
Mr. of Perrier, the mayor proposes to rent the local lands no reclaimed again to face these expenses.
The Consultant Municipal by 6 voices against a doesn't hear to agree to the local possession renting because he/it considers these lands as useful for the course of the beastly. That for what looks at repairs of which he/it is question, he/it will only pronounce himself/itself when an estimate very circonstancié will be presented him.
The mayor is disavowed, he is the only to have voted for his/her/its project! The tone of the deliberation seems to indicate a revolt against this elected that lodges to the Madeleine, far of worries of his/her/its managed.
May 6, 1852.
The article 14 of the Constitution requires a benefit of vow of the Mayor and the Consultant Municipal: I swear obedience to the Constitution, fidelity to the President.
Refuse: Gentlemen The François Philippe, Fox François, François Félix and Benard L Adjutor.
To this time, Napoléon 111 was Prince President of the second Republic.
October 18, 1852 these recalcitrant don't appear anymore on the municipal counselor list except Benard L Adjutor that accepted to lend vow.
December 5, 1852.
Festivities for the advent of the emperor take place to the exit of the big parochial Mass: Proclamation of the empire after what of screaming of quick the emperor is had themselves heard and salvos of rifle strokes have been pulled. One surrendered then in the church where a You follow-up Deum of Dominates it Salvum Imperatorums faculty and other public prayers for the emperor have been said and sung.
In years 1850, my great-grandfather, Victor, Casimir The Son-in-law had a factory of buttons to Pressagny the proud. His/her/its family lived to Guiseniers. What knows yourselves of it? (Calm question in 1992 by Christiane Legendre, 33 street Charles Laffitte to Neuilly on Seine).
April 5, 1853.
The works of repairs of the church have been adopted by 9 voices against 9 with the Mayor's voice that counts double.
November 7, 1855
The prefect's decree suspends the Consultant Municipal for two months. A composed commission of the Mayor and some counselors fills the urgent functions.
December 24, 1855.
, Napoléon three enacts the dissolution of the Consultant Municipal of Pressagny the proud. (He/it seems that Antoine René of Perrier preserves Mayor's load).
Following of the suit of use rights.
He/it is advantageous for the Township to put end to a costly process. The Consultant Municipal accepts the proposed amicable arrangement by Mr. the Prefect, of as much more that this honorable magistrate, okay with Mr. the Curator of Forests and Mr. the Director of Domains, must provoke a decision ministerial confirmative of the grazing right in favor of the Township.
August 9, 1857.
A will of Mr. of Seguin in favor of the church of Pressagny the proud is published. He/it bequeaths a sum of 300 Frs. to be used to repair the chapel and the altar of the Virgin.
February 10, 1858
Does the Municipal Commission decide to alienate the ancient path of Vernon to the Andelyses, (Alley François 1st?) who is replaced by the road departmental N° 7.
Considering that aforesaid path is no utility, esteem that there is place to order alienation so that soil is sold to the profit of the Township.
July 13, 1858.
A project of relegation of the departmental road N°7 on the way big communication is proposed to the township.
The Municipal Commission gives an unfavorable opinion to this relegation.
September 28, 1858.
Renewal of the lease of the water passage and deliberation on limits of the passage.
Considering that the exclusive right granted to farmers of the passage on an extent of 500 meters in uphill and downstream the passage of Pressagny would carry a considerable prejudice to owners of islands not arranging boats, which could feel difficulties on behalf of farmers of passage for the boarding of their harvest in the extent of the harbor conceded to farmers. Besides, he/it would be to fear that the passage is not provided of a considerable enough material to transport in earth closes harvest of islands. To the surplus, he/it is certain that the service of the passage would suffer some since often the passenger would be by the strength of things moved away of the center of his/her/its passage.
The Commission appraises to the unanimity that boundary-marks of the harbor of the passage must remain the same that they have been fixed hitherto.
August 12, 1859.
The Municipal Commission considers that all dwellings of the Township are in perfect state. There is not place to name a commission of healthiness.
September 27, 1860.
After 4 years and 9 months after the dissolution, Creation of a new Consultant Municipal that lends vow of obedience to the Constitution and fidelity to the emperor. Mr. of Perrier and named Mayor all over again.
August 8, 1861.
The service of stations creates an office to Harbor-death. He/it asks for a deliberation to know the opinion of the Consultant Municipal on the opportunity to reattach the Township of Pressagny the proud to this office.
The Consultant Municipal considers that it would be a prejudice for the Township. The postal service would be assured later.
He/it gives out to the unanimity the vœu that the Township always depends on the office of station of Vernon.
December 31, 1861.
The sieur Thorel Gustave, Emile is named temporary teacher.
Some land is bought to the state for the widening of the path of Corville.
May 14, 1862.
The Consultant Municipal allows the Mayor to make the acquirement of lands to continue the path of Deserts until the See Péreuses.
By reason of the remembrement done to the middle of the 20th century, the tracing of this path has been modified. It is necessary to report itself/themselves on the ancient land register to recover it.
January 2, 1865.
Mr. Bénard Jean (son) is named Mayor.
October 14, 1866.
A course for adults is opened in the class room during the winter. The Consultant Municipal votes a credit for the heating and the lighting of this local.
In 1867 children admitted to the school free are to the number of 15.
In 1868, they are to the number of 6.
May 13, 1868.
The Mayor submits to the Consultant Municipal plans, estimate and notebook of loads for the construction of a rectory.
The project is adopted for a sum of 8400 Frs. The Township imposes itself exceptionally on five years to face this expense.
Finally the expense will be 9975 Frs. She/it will be covered by:
The extraordinary imposition either: 7 390 Frs.
A subscription voluntary of 1 900 Frs.
The ancient rectory to demolish 310 Frs.
Total: 9 600 Frs.
He/it misses 375 Frs. who will be solicited close to the Superior authority.
This building exists again, it makes the angle between the streets Robert Connan and the Enclosed of the Aître.

Opinion on the construction of railroads of the region.
To the name of the agriculture, the trade and populations, we ask for the very expeditious execution of railroads of the Eure valley.
August 15, 1870.
The Under Prefect asks to the Township a sum for the equipment of a francs gunman body.
Accepted 50 Frs. to the budget primitive of 1870.
October 5, 1870.
Mr. Eustache Renault is named Mayor, Mr. Pantin, Deputy.
October 30, 1870.
The Consultant Municipal votes a credit of 100 Frs. for the general defense
February 28, 1871.
The Prussian authority hit our Township of a sum of 4000 Frs.
The Consultant Municipal decides to impose itself/themselves exceptionally to pay for this sum. Mr. Lorailler Isidore, Guillaume, merchant of novelties to Pressagny, Mrs. Ducosté widow, been born Cauchois, wine grower to Saint Pierre of Autilses and others accepts to lend to the Township
The sum has not been put back to Authorities Prussians. She/it has been repaid directly to lenders except 500 Frs. who will be repaid to Mr. Lorailler subsequently.
The paternal grandmother of Parmentier Etiennette, had been born Ducosté. she/it was presumably above the girl of the widowed quoted Ducosté. This family possessed of the fundamental possessions of the two sides of the stream what explains that she could have advanced money asked by the Prussian for the amount of the population of Pressagny. (For more of details, to consult the work: Etiennette Parmentier Citizen of honor of Pressagny the proud).
May 7, 1871.
Installation of the new Consultant elected Municipal.
November 18, 1871.
Mr. Thorel, teacher, has the intention to open a free course for adults.
The Consultant Municipal, considering the big advantages,: Extinction of the ignorance, point of view state of mind, recognizes like local institution the intended adult courses.
May 11, 1873.
In the mayor's amounts, we raise for the first time the name of Mrs. Thénard.
January 9, 1874.
Mrs. Thénard offers to the Township a piece of earth situated in the village to make a cemetery of it. She/it proposes to make enclose it of walls and to make put of it a grid on the road and a cross to the middle in exchange of a local land portion valuing his/her/its property of the Madeleine.
Proposition accepted by the Consultant Municipal.
He/it is possible that the adjoining land to the Madeleine is the part situated to the west north of the property. He/it is likely that the wall of surrounding wall, edged of a deep ditch, in bad state today, formed the ancient limit.
February 12, 1874.
The population opposes to the transfer of the cemetery by reason of memories of affection injured.
Seen the considerable advantages of this exchange, the Consultant Municipal renews his/her/its agreement to the proposition of Mrs. Thénard.
May 28, 1874.
Plans and estimates for the reconstruction of a rectory are submitted to the Consultant Municipal who adopts them.
May 28, 1874.
Ordering of the street of the Marette (CR N°1) in byway landfill between the road departmental N° 7 and the path bordering the Seine. One calls him today street Robert Connan. His/her/its width is fixed to 6 meters
February 18, 1877.
Census of the population. The Township shelters 327 inhabitants.
December 27, 1877.
The works of the rectory are finished.
January 21, 1878.
The mayor, Mr. Eustache Renault is replaced by Mr. Zacharie Bénard, elected to the profit of age.
October 20, 1878.
Repair of walls of the rectory. He/it is probably about enclosure walls the long of the street of the Enclosed of the Aître and the street Robert Connan
November 16, 1878.
The state is about to renew boats of the passage.
With the existing boats, one can not pass beastly nor harnessed car; therefore, relations with populations of the left strand are hindered.
Not less easy to pass the harvest of the 37 hectares belonging to the Township in islands. This harvest can be valued to 30 000 to 35 000 boots of hay, of wood etc...
The Consultant Municipal asks for the substitution of the existing boat by a ferry and a boat.
March 31, 1879.
Repairing of the Bizet alley.
August 28, 1880.
The mayor exposes that the works of construction of a gutter in the coast of the Pit for the pluvial water out-flow are finished. The gutter is constructed in quarry stones on 73 meters of length, a meter of width and 15 centimeters of thickness, hourdis to the hydraulic lime mortar and sand.
The Consultant Municipal approves the finished work and organize the payment to four francs the meter linear more pose of six boundary-marks to 0,50 francs one, either a whole of 295 francs.
November 24, 1880.
Confection of a library for the school.
May 21, 1881.
The roofing of the town hall and the school underwent of serious spoil during strokes of wind of the beginning of the year.
July 15, 1881.
A cadaver has been withdrawn of the Seine, it has not been recognized. The funeral has been made to expenses of the Township.
Comparison between expenses for the National feasts of 1880 and 1881.
Dance 8 Frs. 7 Frs.
Cheese 9 Frs. 2,50 FS
Wine 47,45 45,40
Bread 19 9
Installation and démontage of tables 5 7,60
Rouenneries 10
Pancakes 2
Ducks and cheeses 8,50
Rabbit 2
May 20, 1882.
Creation of the School Cash-box.
May 24, 1882.
The Mayor exposes to the Consultant Municipal whom the local property on which is built the town hall school is too tiny. The Township would need a land to enlarge him. The neighboring property having belonged to Felix Renard, composed of house, building, court and garden, containing in totality 15, 60 areses are to sell to the price of 2850 Frs.
The Consultant Municipal decides the acquirement of it to make a necessary public room of it to celebrate the national and employers' feasts. The expense will be financed by a loan.
February 25, 1883.
The Mayor exposes to the Consultant Municipal whom the works of the ¨Port-death dam will cause a rise besides of one meter. The path of against hauling will be flooded on a part of his/her/its length. The Advice is invited to search for measures to take in this circumstance.
He/it is decided to ask to the superior authority of exhausser for the path of against hauling of the necessary height to be able to reach there.
February 25, 1883.
Several existing buildings on the lately acquired property will be harmful to affect him to the use of public room. The Advice is invited to search for the useless buildings.
All back to back buildings to the street to Loons and a pigsty touch to the wall of the town hall will be sold in adjudication to be demolished.
November 18, 1883.
Project of purchase of a fire engine. She/it will be bought March 7, 1884 thanks to a subsidy of 400 francs on a total price of 1000 francs.
May 18, 1884.
Election of the Mayor: Henri Chauvet.
Deputy: Louis Pantin.
July 27, 1892.
The present public room is too tiny. A property having belonged to fire Baron Hiacinte, composed of a house, of a building with court and garden is to sell to the center of the village, either 7 areses 1 centiare situated on the departmental road N°7 of Vernon to the Andelyses.
The Consultant Municipal gives his/her/its agreement for the purchase of this property to the price of 2250 Frs. The existing buildings will be sold by adjudication to be demolished.
November 27, 1892
The ancient cemetery situated close to the church can be submitted to the operation of leveling by abduction of earths, since the last burials go up again to more than 15 years.
The Consultant Municipal, considering that this leveling will have for aftermath the clearing of the church that is currently below the present soil, will be able to purify this building only, it adopts this proposition.
May 25, 1893.
The project of installation of a shooting field on the Township by the military authority, door a serious prejudice to the 42 owners called to give up their lands. Besides the surrounding earths would become inaccessible by reason of risks. In short the culture little remunerative will throw in the indigence the biggest part of inhabitants, without counting that the suppression of the Valley path would deprive the Township of this communication way.
The Consultant Municipal protests against the establishment of a shooting field on the territory of the Township. We will see farther than in 1900 the project was always actuality.
June 4, 1894.
The Consultant Municipal gives out the vœu that a line of railroad, hence of the Andelyses, crossing the canton of Ecos to be going to rejoin Magny-in-Vexin is established in the briefest possible time limits.
May 1st, 1895.
The renewal of the lease of the water passage gave no result.
The Township will be in charge of the exploitation of the ferry while buying the material belonging to the state in the favorable conditions.
Dine Innocent, loaded by interim of the passage of Seine. The Consultant Municipal prays the Prefect of good to want to exonerate Mr. Dines that is in the indigence, under reserve of by hiring resources of the Township.
May 17, 1896.
Election of the Mayor: Mr. Lehec Alexandre.
Deputy: Mr. Guérin Joseph.
The same day is decided the destruction of deer and doe that causes devastations in cultures. A hunting to courre, this destruction will be in charge under orders of louveterie Mr. Ledannois lieutenant to Harbor-death. This destruction will be renewed in 1898 and in 1899.
September 2, 1897.
He/it required to construct a gutter in stone to the stocking of the street of the church from the corner of the wall of the property there of Mr. of active Séguin toward the Seine.
This gutter gave back service until the summer 1999 where it has been replaced by a border of sidewalks less aesthetic and less convenient since it doesn't allow vehicles to cross itself/themselves anymore.
February 20, 1898.
He/it would be necessary to acquire a boat for the agricultural service of islands and particularly for the service of the island of the Madeleine.
The Consultant Municipal decides to acquire a new boat, employee especially for the service of the Township of Pressagny the proud.
The Consultant Municipal gives out the vœu of creation of a stop for trains, to the Bottleneck, to go against the surrounding Townships.
June 17, 1899.
The Connan sieur exposes that since a long time he must face illnesses that reach his/her/its family, he asks for a help in the measure of the possible.
The Consultant Municipal, considering the state unhappy of the Connan family grants a help of 50Fr. to provide to expenses owed to illnesses.
July 23, 1899.
The Consultant Municipal gives out a supplication for the maintenance of the station of Vernonnet.
May 20, 1900.
Election of the Mayor: Lehec Alexander.
Deputy: Dorléans Théodore.
June 4, 1900.
A letter of the Mayor of Vernon asks for the opinion of the Consultant Municipal on the project of the field of shooting of the garrison of Vernon in the Valley of the Curve.
The Consultant Municipal considers that this choice would carry a serious prejudice to the 42 owners that would be called to give up their lands. Besides the surrounding earths could not be more accessible in all time by reason of the proximity of shootings. Owners would be injured therefore in the enjoyment of their properties.
The culture to Pressagny the proud is little remunerative, farmers have difficulties to live of it and if shooting came to establish itself/themselves of it, it would have for consequence to throw in the indigence the biggest part of inhabitants.
The establishment of shooting would suppress the path of Valleys and would deprive:
Inhabitants of an access toward Panilleuse.
Workers of a way to surrender to their works.
He/it protests against the establishment of a military shooting on the territory of the Township of Pressagny the proud.
July 7, 1900.
A circular of the prefect specifies: Trees of top throwing another one that those to fruits won't be able to be ébranchéses that until eight meters of height if owners take care to prune them to this height all years and of ébranchers to the same height every six years all around of the trunk.
The Consultant Municipal accepts this transformation of the article 192 of the byway path regulation but he asks for a tolerance for the fruit trees placed the long of roads when they don't hinder the circulation.

Following in another named file: Twentieth century.